Tuesday, June 29, 2010


what should i do? i tot i have more time to think of the next step, but it reply so fast. what should i do? WHAT SHOULD I DO??!?!?!?!?!?!?! 





let's break up .LOL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wacom play~

yesterday during illustration we finally get to use wacom tablet? is that what they call it? LOL as big as an a3 size! total fun~ 1st time play with it~ shuang shuang~ din't know utar own this kind of cool stuff XD 

my artwork end of the day LOL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

not according to plan XD

everything not according to plan XD 

saturday plan to go school help out. end up sleeping at 2am and waking at 12pm! LOL!!!tot was father's day.. so gan jiong.. cuz haven prepare anything yet... drag drag drag cuz doing house work... by the time we finish cleaning 3pm liao.. then lunch and sleep =.= zd~ discussing what to do the whole night.. slept at 1am again.. lucky this morning woke up at 9 plus XD

ate breakfast.. delly dally~~ omg! 12pm adi! okay this is where history plays again.. bro haven finish homework!! as usual la~ kids always rush thier homework the day before school starts XD wait for him to finish.. we practise our dance ... bro can't seem to fit him so he cry like storm is coming LOL!  after that the sun appear and wa la!!! we start recording! XD we choose 6 songs and did a remix LOL *a small part from each song only la* took about 2 hour to finish record and we start editing...

hahahahahhahaz laugh until our stomach pain dao~~ but the size too big lo.. the video and back scene 50mb each! hope my dad like it la~ kakaz... HAPPY FATHER's DAY,BABA! love you aaaaaaaaalways~

ohyar.. today TOTALLY out of plan.. suppose to finish my illus and start animation and logo design.. tell ya what, NOTHING'S DONE except FUN! wooohooo!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Studio shooting

All photographed by Penny XD

Love this effect

Drawn by coco

Damn love this one. hou yao feel

Photographer's shoe XD *she ownself snap de*

Photographer's shoe XD *she ownself snap de*

Din't upload any modeling photos.wakakaka..since its photographed by penny. let her show which pic she thinks is nice la XD but i tell you oh, all also nice.. she really can catch the angle de lo. geng. thanks ya penny! thank coco for drawing the dummy, thanks angelin for the eye liner and wax,  thanks Raier for the make up! totally rock la. aldo look so weird during close up T.T rubber you're my TOP GD! love ya all~ XD

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ohoho~~~ ^^

Saturday, June 5, 2010


i really i missed out a lot a lot of things during the period of time where i was involve in community service. missed out many buddies birthday, missed out gathering, missed out youth 2010. also so, i do gain a lot of new friends, new role, and many sweet memories ^^ 

when i came back home i was feeling so... warm.. so good to be home with my family. hahaz.. but thunder strikes? there are somethings to resolve at home. things that have been trouble to the family all along, attitube, behavior, sincerity, observants. as the eldest at home i was lectured for almost an hour and was told to have some action about those matters =.= wow.. 1st time eh.. i'm like the leader XD held a meeting with my siblings today.. talked about the problem, giving out solutions and opinion.. the atmosphere really so weird la.. well, i do hope i've made the right solution T.T if not i will fail as the eldest lo T.T we'll put ourself in a 1 month trial, hope everything will go well as plan. ^^ 

ohyar.. i kindna hate my hair now =.= wanna cut it short ah!! wanna go back to my old hairstyle, wanna be cheerful again, wanna do things for no reason, wanna be helpful, wanna be crapful~ XD but nomatter what, i will appreciate what i'm going through now. 我知足 , 真的 . 

talk about 知足 =.= yesterday finished class at 6. rushed back home to bath and rushed to masjid jamek. because i receive a call from a friend, exciting news! finally the day have come!! mayday concert!! woohooo~!! take the lrt to bukit jalil to realise that the concert is not yesterday. wahahahahahahahhahaha damn funny lo. keep laughing XD how stupid~ din't really check the date, too excited, just went without thinking.. thanks to THAT person lo.. we get to come out at night to eat mcD LOL.. haha.. just to let you know, we din't blame you la.. this will be our unforgetable stupidiest memory XD