Sunday, October 31, 2010


Suddenly so many things i wish i could do :\

I want to go see sunrise and sunset at the same day XD
Sleep at the beach side without getting rape XD
Become a volunteer in the zoo again touching tigers XD
Cook a delicious cuisine on my parent's anniversary XD
Play an acoustic song without twitchy tones XD
Climb the kk mountain with my dearest friends XD
Create my very own soft toy as big as my dog XD
Knead a jacket for my sister XD
Go clubbing and dance like minzy XD
Buy lots and lots of food with my own money XD

hm.... what else?

the most basic wish is..... everyone to be happy! XD

Enjoy life to the max peeps! XD

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


came early to school as usual.. 1 hour away till class starts.. hahaha.. listening music in the computer lab.. thinking how should i curl my hair using the new curler mom brought yesterday.. wakaka. excited neh~XD

finally told my friend how i feel le.. hu! feel so much better... XD told her that caring is something happy. and first time i feel so tired to care someone XP so bad oh me... make her emo when she already is... but really feel better after saying it out loud. hope things will get better le... keke...

few days ago my dad took me to take out my mold? (is this how it spells? hahahz ) its on my knee.. the chinese tradisional needle poking doc say that mold represent failure! omg! XD i was like.. huh? i have this mold since young.. means i'm a failure? so the doc put some medicine to remove the mold.. i keep on laughing nia.. cuz so geli~ using needle scartching it.. omg~ hahahaz~

ohyar.. its already the 4th day of the new semester le... last sem result sure isbetter than the sem that i went for community service.. that sem really bring down a lot of my gpa T.T i mean A LOT.. luckily it rise back up to normal gpa le.. haihz.. I was looking forward to this sem. wanted to do well.. but in the 1st 2 days of the week already have class cancel?! totally.... sienz =.= hahahaz... hopefully i can still put my excitement up high le~ cuz my friend get 3.3 eh! hahahaz.. become my idol le oh... if he can do it, i must push myself harder le.. keke ^^

take care of yourself oh everyone! weather so hot, drink more water ba~ don't fall sick le ^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

hmm... i wonder how long it will last XD

suddenly have a chat with my dad... talking about life..

How life can be full of happiness but still have to face disappointments along the road.

Everything we do everyday is a part of our life.

Sometimes there is only one time to do what you have to do. if you din't do it right, you might never get chance to do it again.

Some things can't be rush. better to take precaution. somethings are never too late.

Sometimes to do a task that we thought is easy, it actually take a great responsibility and dedication to make sure we're doing it the right way.

Sometimes its best to confess your wrongs. and be praise for the good you've done.

We only only 1 life to live. life is a long journey. its a cycle of life that we have to face and overcome.

Take things as a challenge and never a problem.

Smile is the best appearance =)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sem break

lol so long din't blog adi XD well many things happen lately.

went to ipoh with penny last weekend. hahaz such a rush decision. before taking hte 6pm train we went on the lrt and start video-ing. LOL this girl ah was having fever.. the day before we even went to the national library and had pastamania at sungei wang. haha.. reach ipoh at 9pm..her parents are so friendly le.... waliao... we went pasar in the morning. went to a park... went pet shop... went hiking... went tv ...went yam cha... totally shuang over there.. love love XD the next day we head to kampar! hahaz went to sharon's house.. ettle down then cycle to utar! lepak over there... snap pictures... raining.. soaking wet when we're going to new town.. haha... totally wet wet...had dinner and head home... hahahaz fun playing under the rain lo... then we went tesco buy some snack. i get to buy burger to eat XD but ok ok only la the burger.. keke.. then penny playing silent hill.. meizeen is sick adi.. sorethroat cuz too much of laughing! hahahahz.. eh. really laugh like mad over there.. 5 girls.. wow.. somemore kena nag by one of sharon's hosuemate :\ on the next day jj fetch us all to ipoh! we went ipoh parade while meizeen went to perm her hair. went to jusco to play bowling and watch movie.the legend of the fist.. nice show oh!keke.. after that we went tong sui gai to eat dinner.. XD after all these... time to go home le.... had a hot bath and watch tv~ wakakaka.. shuang~

just 2 days ago me and sharon become the volunteer for a nike race pack entry thingy. haha.. the first day was damn busy.. running a lot cuz theres a long queue.. but totally enjoy it! so exciting.. but the next day wasn't that fun. legs aching. so little ppl. stand also pain. sit also pain.. so we reward ourself to have a treat at klcc XD sharon had ice kacang and i had sundae chocolate~ yum yum~ back home leg numb... haihz!! slept the whole morning after that.. shuang! hahahahahahaz... looking forward on the 9th where mj and sharon coming lo...prepare for the challenge! oh shit~ hahahahhaz XD