Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a step! XD

Yeap, considering this as a big step in life. more like a stage of life. the day has come, i've graduated!! XD Could say this is really a great, happy, exciting, sienz, tired, painful day LOL

Graduating in kampar new hall is totally great, damn happy my whole family came with my grandparents, just regret din't snap more photos with them. its a total chaos when we came out from the hall, packed with ppl, have to adjust between friends and family, din't really get to snap photos with a lot of friend T^T huhuhu...

oh!!i almost drop my convo hat when i'm on the stage, yeap.. almost. luckily it din't!! the speech was quite boring, i wanted to sleep, but i was afraid to be caught on tape sleeping. hahaha~ awesomely gorgeous flower i got from my family, fatso, penny and gang friend. i get gifts from friends too! <3 a="a" all="all" and="and" are="are" artwork="artwork" awesome="awesome" bird="bird" book="book" card="card" convo.="convo." couldn="couldn" customize="customize" cute="cute" damn="damn" expect="expect" flower="flower" for="for" friends="friends" from="from" gaga="gaga" goddess="goddess" greatest="greatest" hahahaz="hahahaz" handmade="handmade" him="him" it="it" js="js" kamsahamida="kamsahamida" lady="lady" letter="letter" lulu="lulu" make="make" man.="man." mei="mei" my="my" p="p" really="really" rest="rest" s="s" san="san" senior="senior" snoopy.="snoopy." soft="soft" t="t" thank="thank" thanks="thanks" the="the" to="to" totally="totally" touching="touching" toy="toy" was="was" who="who" wishes="wishes" woonhoo="woonhoo" xddd="xddd">
Special thanks to sharon who dropped by. arggh~~ timing la.. damn rush, really so sorry couldn't make it to your convo. but really thanks for coming!!  love ya always! and that penny.. aiyorr.... we both no jodoh? how come we exchanged flowers without even meeting each other!? luckily we manage to catch up before you enter the hall...HAPPY GRADUATE oh!! thanks fatso for everyeverything <3 br="br">

i think i still haven't get enough sleep.. i want to go and sleep somemore.. more  more more... zzz
nah! just joking!!

This graduation shall be a be a big recognition and a boost for us all to be advance in the future.. HWAITING EVERYONE!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

hiu i'm back!

i was reminded that i have a blog. hahaha.. its been really a long time since i've updates, i guess the job i'm having now is really dreading me out. the pay is ok, job scope is too much, aldo i did learn more things about purchase and delivery ordes. but argh~ after an outing with friends and talks of the jobs we're having now- i start to doubt my direction.

i want to be a web designer. i don't know how i come into that conclusion but its just like how i choose graphic design. i guess i don't dare to quit my job now and pursue cuz is know i have nothing. nothing to impress.

so till i gather enough time to improve my skills and build my my confidence, maybe one day i shall release that boom. (nah~ fireworks would be better XD)