Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1st sick leave

Yeap. FIRST sick leave in 2 years.

I guess its time to take a break and rest. but damn, feel so bored having to eat medicine and feeling drowsy and sleeping for the whole day. In the process of getting sick, i actually enjoyed my weekend. LOL

That's because on saturday i finally took my siblings out for movies. watched Kingsman and spongebob. super cool that guy in kingman. ohoho restricted myself from eating the popcorn but end up eating a quarter of it. =X right after movies we went to have buffet at Warisan cafe. gosh. so damn full. satisfied and end it with my favorite cheese cake. ohohoho

Sunday, early morning jog with siblings. even get to join the aerobic dance in the park. awesome feeling. shall pick up dancing classes if i have the time. if and only if again. hahahz. then went visiting relatives. ending the night with a surprise outing- amusement park. bumper car, ferry wheels, spinning cup.. oh yeahh.. those childhood memories. thanks for the surprise XP

all sums up to this day. sick day. LOL  time for medicine and sleep again. chowz! take care XD

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the NEW year

LOL i notice i only return to this blog whenever there is a big event like this. NEW YEAR.

well, last year had been a rocky year. lots of tough stuffs going on, difficult obstacles. so as i was thinking to boost up my energy for a new change this year, naaaaaaaahhh, so lazy.

but damn, 25 years old its like a quarter of 100 years. come to think of it, i have basically no achievements what so ever, pretty sad. i'm just exaggerating, lol. I did learn things in life, just haven't achieve something solid, something to be proud of.

So, 2015 resolutions

A draft list:-
- take IELTS
- learn Khmer
- build some furnitures ( oh my, i think i really got influence a lot by pinterest, too many things that i wish i can build one day)
- camping ( this has been on my list like.. forever)
- take one step ahead of my career
- double the salary
- freaking slim down but still enjoy eating
- have a family trip to anywhere (miss you all )
- maybe. start a side business (furnitureeeessss, wakakakaka i don't know why am i so crazy, but i really fell  in love with woods. lol)

So i guess thats pretty much what i will do this year, good luck to everyone! may your dreams be fulfill anytime in the future. DREAM BUT DONT SLEEP.  HWAITING!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

bloom today

The flower bloom today.

lol? hahahahahaz my dad's epic attempt- BAKE A POPOVER CAKE . just by a 10 mins glance at the tv show of martha stewart. totally hilarious. dad just say, LETS DO IT. and i'm not sure if all of us are SO SPORTING to join my dad, or we're all just worried. HAHAHAZ!

Its really a funny thing how my dad simple words can make all of us to buze and make a move. My dad's ridiculous recipe measurement. stated ONE CUP, as in baking cup measurement. he takes a drinking cup and fill the flour in. LOL suppose to use blender, he use fork to stir. ask me not to over stir it. omggg how could i possibly over stir when the blender stirs so many times faster than me?!

Gosh. this is one of the days. one of the best days. best smiles, best memories.

the flower blooms today with a smile :)

Monday, March 10, 2014


While i was typing the title treasure, the song by Bruno Mars actually played in my head! LOL

Lots had happen all these while. updating a blog its like old school.

oh well, don't have the software in my laptop to edit photos. so just ignore the low quality photos ya XD

 Been trying watercolouring lately. EXHAUSTING!!

  Great outing with friends. really long time no see :D

The so called "break-up" hair cut. hahahahz
whats with ppl's perspective on drastic hair cuts.

oh. and the airplane missing incident- MH370. I really hope there will be updates soon. let it be good or bad. Everyone is so anxious towards this matter. There's nothing much we can do other than hoping for a miracle to happen.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blessed b day

I have to say. this birthday is a blessed one. 

The best things in life is so simple.

tho, 'simple' is something i can hardly understand. especially in design zzz

had a great and delicious dinner at home. receive present from everyone. really unexpected. tot it will be like an ordinary dinner and muffins as replacement of the cake. hahaha.

turn out to be very heartwarming. i can't express it out. but i hope they know i appreciate everything they have done. keke love you guys to the max!

gave me a thought its time to take this opportunity to change. change for the better. contribute more to the family. to our home.

till the time comes, good luck to everyone. in everything. at everywhere. xoxo

Monday, September 16, 2013

long. gone. found

lol.. long gone blog post eh~~~ din't update for like ages since i started working.
the latest update: I AM FAAATTT~~ but i'm still loving it. lol

had a great day meeting up with my great friend MC today, we only see each other like twice a year or so, but every meeting, every hours minutes seconds spent are totally heart warming. Its like naturally everything just falls into place, memories from the past, realising where we stand today, what we had achieve, what we have learn and grown into.

friends is not just a label, its a connection, a bond. and shit man i can't find anyone to go travel with me zzz. this year, dad took me by surprise for letting me fly(literally) lol. he asked me to go travel! despite the excitement to be free to go and explore the world, i have no where to go! totally lost of direction. settled down too long i guess.

well, it's time to rise, and chase the dream that once was mine.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


What the heck?

If you got a dream, then do it, who is there to stop you.
so screw you man, i have my own dream to live.
lost hope in eternity.

lol.. just releasing for fun.

move on!