Monday, September 16, 2013

long. gone. found

lol.. long gone blog post eh~~~ din't update for like ages since i started working.
the latest update: I AM FAAATTT~~ but i'm still loving it. lol

had a great day meeting up with my great friend MC today, we only see each other like twice a year or so, but every meeting, every hours minutes seconds spent are totally heart warming. Its like naturally everything just falls into place, memories from the past, realising where we stand today, what we had achieve, what we have learn and grown into.

friends is not just a label, its a connection, a bond. and shit man i can't find anyone to go travel with me zzz. this year, dad took me by surprise for letting me fly(literally) lol. he asked me to go travel! despite the excitement to be free to go and explore the world, i have no where to go! totally lost of direction. settled down too long i guess.

well, it's time to rise, and chase the dream that once was mine.