Friday, January 29, 2010

what a day yesterday was

Yesterday is the day where things have to happen! crapping XD

Yesterday i went timesquare with my friends and walk walk walk ... my friend notice my bagwas open and oh shit! my purse missing. IC, public back card, touch and go and cash RM115+! yada yada~~ called my mom, went to information center, go to security station to make report, went to the police pondok to ask for direction, walk walk very far to find police station. decide to go alone, don't want trouble my friends to follow me soooooooooooooooooooooooo far. which the police station can be reach just by taking monorail =.= but its a good experience la. so remember, DON'T PUT YOUR PURSE IN YOUR BAG! T.T

while waiting for my number to be called in the police station, 2 black guys was typing their report.. took a very long time. after finish, my turn to sit and do mine. this 2 guy came back and fight somemore.. standing just right beside me =.= i scared dao~~~ try to avoid and move to the side a bit. then the police lady saw and guide them to quarell at another side XD finally finish my police report at 7.30pm. ohyar.. while i was waiting for my number to be called, dad called me =) it was an unfamiliar number on my cell phone. when i pick up and heard it was my dad's voice.. foooo!! tear flow like river XD glad that he called. cuz i disagree with my mom regarding some matters and we are not talking at that time =.= aldo she was checking on me from time to time to make sure i'm ok by msg.

thanks oh~~ to everyone who helped calm me down and yada yada. XD thanks grandma and evelyn~ sorry that we din't get to hang out!! T.T i'll make up to you guys next time! thanks J and L and C hahaz.. XP don't want write your name.. well, many things to do lo.. have to make new card, new IC, and.... study hard =.=

Saturday, January 23, 2010


been having headaches during this 1st week of school.. its not that i have any problem, its just merely headaches @.@ !!!! hahaz.. mom is being kindna strict lately.. keep asking us to be independent aiks! its kindna true we always depend on her. like how i depend on her to fetch me to school for morning classes. aaaaaaaa.... tomorrow i will be going for undang listening class.. hoho~~ finally FINALLY something one my list is going to be done XD its been quite some times since i keep saying i wanna learn driving. so this is the time.. hope i can pass la!! cross fingers! **

something that i wanna blurt out : don't be so calculative la!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st day of the Y1S3

How should i describe my day?...... DAMN TIRED! 1st class was drawing II. tons of material to buy for this subject!!! omggg.... i don't even remember cuz many kind of colours for different kind of medium.=.= *hey angie i'm gonna buy the same markers as you! hope the price also same la.. T.T*

another class i had was visual communication.. =.= sienz dao.. she talk so soft can't even hear. aiks!!! although its only the 1st day of school, there is homework to be done.. aaaaah... excited and lazy XD but i'm sure this semester will be full of new experience, new techniques, new torture methods, and a heavier eye bag! XD now this is LIFE! Gonna study hard so i can get permission to dye my hair by the end of the year XD

oh.. Good luck to yanny in her 1st job XD you can do it!!! be positive la, negative queen! ;D

Saturday, January 16, 2010


New layout XD

its SUNDAY morning! Went mamak for breakfast. Nasi lemak, mee rojak, coconut and teh tarik =.= so gonna get diarrhea hahahahz.. suppose to clean up the backyard today. but the weather is SO HOT!! so have to wait till later in the evening to clean up T.T so lazy la... in the meanwhile, I edit my blog woohooo~~~ using paint =.= cuz i formated my pc, no more photoshop, no more illus, no more photoscape, no more picasa... no more~~~~~~~ sob... back to basic XD but not bad la.. still ok.. XD

Red WW car is from KFC XD
Socks with green stripes are birthday present last year (its new no worries :p)
The "Me" looks kindna like me? no? I think the eyes look like me.. so sleepy zzZZZ
the doggy I'm dragging is really my soft toy- Kiko XD

Tomorrow is gonna be the 1st day of Y1S3!!! Omgawd... looking forward but have lazy bone too , aiks!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Is it too late to write my new year resolutions? hahaz... its been quite a busy new year.. Lots of activities going on. BBQ with primary schoolmates, hang outs with ji mui, celebrate new year with family, sushi, game with siblings, hang out again, hang out hang out hang out.. waliao.. pokai adi XD

but nevertheless, those are really the moments that I really cherish XD have total fun and craziness! at least before the semester starts T.T torture chamber lays ahead. aiks!!!

wrote this on a memo on New Year XD
  1. Slim down (sounds so impossible. mom ask how long to accomplish. My answer : 1 year)
  2. Chicken biscuit business (we often make CB during CNY. if possible we're gonna sell it this year XD)
  3. Do well in assignment (means no more play play and sleep sleep T.T)
  4. Take family photo (so that i can have a big print in my room and complain my problems to my dad -in the photo LOL)
  5. Find myself? or maybe make some changes in my bad habits my mom always nag about T.T
  6. Keep in touch with everyone~ Love all~ (crapping eh? =.=)

I guess thats all? oh i went to chocolate fair at midvalley today =.= total dissapointment.. so small la! nothing to see also.. cheh.. but have lots of fun la.. get to know new friends too XP outing : worth waking up in the morning XD