Saturday, January 29, 2011

double work

yea.. my house is painted with a new colour... tone down a bit.. hahaha. not so bright like last time, kindergarden LOL! its really expensive to hire painters to paint the house... just the exterior of the house of cuz.. cost 2 thousand plus adi.. don't know why the heck so expensive.. painting gold paints? LOL

ok la.. the walls are evenly painted on.. looks nice also... but the windows!!! the grill doors!!! the gate !!! waliao aaaaaaaaaaa.... beh tahan!! super ugly! they painted the wrong colour somemore.. my dad already told them its the wrong colour but they still continue painting! stupid! everyday smoke smoke smoke.. make my house so smelly.. wu wu~ the way they paint is like chin cai chin cai... waliao.... pay so much... get lousy job done. shit them la...

today we all have to repaint all the grills... all the painter's messed up work... from morning do until evening.. stop painting to eat and drink only.. tired dao~~ painting is fun.. but i really geram those painters... i heard they stay at the same kampung as mine.. if there is ever a chance i got into a conversattion with them.. i'm gonna shoot them gao gao!! but my dad say don't waste our time cuz they are not worth it.. they don't even admit thier own mistakes... haihz... so sad...

everyone so busy today... everyone also aching adi.... stupid painters. =.=

Friday, January 21, 2011


It has eyes that are so charming, its blue ^^

It is as big as this, strong, and playful. (the head is not this small la )
and fur that is white! pinkish brown nose( totally like ang mo)

i don't know what is the breed of the dog but i google some pictures
its like the mixture of Weimaraner and grey hound.

its free! its 6 months old and it doesn't bite ppl!
aldo i got 2 scratches at my arm cuz he jumped on me XD

too bad, dad don't let. house is under painting condition right now.
the dog has no proper place to stay.
and yea.. like all dogs, we have to prepare to lost something XD

well, i hope....merely hope..... that i could own that dog.
cuz my excitement revive because of him XD

Friday, January 14, 2011

I was cheated!!

ok.. not really realy cheated la..

I went shopping around a shp call 100 yen... the things there okok la~~ i brought somethings there... most of the thigns are RM4.90 +++... yea.. i actually BUY something there... =.=

how was i cheated?

i went to another shop... and found that the SAME stuff is CHEAPER by 100%! means the things that are sold at the 100 yen shop earns 100% profit!

i buy from 100 yen -RM5.90
from DIY shop - RM2.50!!!

Shit mou...

really kena cheated gao gao...
cheat my feeling..
cheat my money..
sad dao............................... :(

Saturday, January 8, 2011

so fast yet so slow, so slow yet so fast

time flies ler~~~~ i've only been working for less than half a month. some happy and sad moments at the company.. so grateful to have Tien to teach me, guide me through the everyday task.He is really such a patient and kind person...Another 1 more week i'm going to start my semester and quit the job there . feel sad and happy at the same time. hmm.. sad because i just started to bond with them, start to voice out a little little bit..and now have to quit adi. sad that i have to leave such lively place and back to school life. happy because i can finally relax myself from all the task and spend more time with my family = ) wakakakaka

Snap company profile photo today. i left only 1 more week working at the company but they still allow me to join in thier photo shooting. feel happy and bad at the same time.. haihz... weird weird me friend Teresa make up for me before the photoshoot.. looks kindna weird. but with one of the lighting device there.. yeaaa.. i'm so beautiful~ ahem ahem.. hahahahaha

Teresa- Tien-Jin

P/s: I got eyebrow~ wooohoooo~~~~~ *drawn eyerbow LOL LOL LOL XD