Tuesday, December 13, 2011

really DAMN la!!!

aaaaaaaarrrggghh beh tahan la!!! just because i din't join lunch with you guys then need say until like that. bad luck huh? lets see how to handle it if something unfortunate happen to me. gonna put the blame on me again? saying i'm the one who don't care?! its my own fault for not joining you guys for lunch? har?! har ?!

every little things also say... i make something for my friend also need to say. say i stupid for spending time doing something where my friends never did any for me. wth la?! ppl do what you know meh... i do what bothers you so much meh?! so jealous that i not only make it for you and going to make one for my friend?

just because when you're leaving and you saw me doing it. and you assume the reason i don't want to go lunch is because i want to stay home and prioritize the thing i'm doing? wth la?!!??! we really have communication problem. feng shui change of luck? i don't think so lo... more like pissing everyone off. DAMN

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

time flies

huhuhu~ fyp finally submited yesterday. really rushed. days before submission i somemore dare to go out. really zhi ji na lai sui. fail then really my own fault le. but i really did try my best and do it. din't sleep much, stressing whether i can make it in time, get a slight fever, terrible headache and dang, period came =.= mom is the best, she fetch me to school even tho is terribly sick. haihz...been so busy, i din't even realise my bday is just around the corner. dad and mom keep asking me what i want to do. i never thought that this will one day become a stressful question =.=

time really flies so fast eh? another 1 more semester then that's the end of the university life journey. ah~ how i wish i could have more happy memories instead of the bad one's. or i'm taking the good memories for granted? XD should have appreciated it more than ever.. aah~~ so sienz ah~ so lazy to move my butt. fetched sis to monorail station and mom to see doctor. dashed red light, totally useless =.= din't concentrate and just dashed =A= but really scare me to hell and i break in the middle of no where. side parking afterwards, alone! totally fail la.. 10 mins to park? siao =.=

i guess today is not my day eh? so sienz.. so sienz... maybe tomorrow i should go out san san xin, buy some things, and be grateful i have such a great family and friends.. yea i guess that's the best i can do. LOL who am i kidding man. i'm yi mo-ing lo~ XDDDDD

Friday, December 2, 2011

dragged down

marks dragged down,
feeling dragged down,
motivation dragged down,
creativity dragged down,
time dragged down,

me. dragged down.

Monday, November 28, 2011



assignment stress dao crazy d

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

relief XD

finally demonstrative speech is over. and this time she FINALLY comment something about me. although the comments are about my weaknesses, but there is still a lil praise ^^ but i'm really glad its over!! almost made a mistake while presenting.. hahaha.. thanks to penny ler T.T her support really calm me a lot. XD

went dinner at a vietnamese restaurant to eat. wow~ something different. some kind of dry piece of popiah.. then dip into hot water one round and place it on the plate, and thats popiah! XD kindna expensive la.. but not bad, its really delicious, especially when added on the xo chili~ *love* XDDD

super stress last night, cuz i lost a purse that has 3 IC in it =A= shit mou? remember bringing it to the beach(which was 3 weeks ago) and realise that my IC is not with me when i need it a few days back. search all over the house, all closet, cupboard, boxes, trash; can't find it. really emo lo. search for few hours, finally i give up, going to take my bath. out of the blue, youngest sis came out of the room with the purse. OMG~ i burst into smiles (sound so wrong) hahaha but i was really happy :DDD it was hidden in a plastic bag in my sisters hideout place. lol..


Thursday, November 17, 2011



“watch what you say”

yea... i always said too much, said things i’m not suppose to say, say things that offends.

so yea, i’m so not talking anymore.

especially you, so not gonna talk to you like a friend anymore.

better return back to the distant mom.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

haha more

5 Starz XDDD oh well, 11.11.11 , din't do anything for the family... aiks... but as long we're all together, i guess everyday will be a special day :DDD

ohyeah~~ cousin from ipoh get married XDDD lovely, the groom has a twin, the twin is more handsome tho LOL. wish them happy happy always la

nice sky right? sometimes life isn't bright blue, it gets really blue. when you have those blue moods, always remember to SMAILE~ :)

oh.... i feel like getting married yesterday XDDD trying to run away from assignment pula.
visited my grandpa's aunt yesterday, 92 years old. she have a good memory lo! I wish that everyone is healthy and happy. eventho they are not, hope someone will help them in any ways. to be one happy-go-lucky kiddo XDDD

this is CAP. HANDSOME right?! i think i really fall for guys with this hair cut, just like song sam dong LOL

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Walked towards the sunset;
Shine upon the moon from behind.

Babe, I'm glad I'm blessed :D

you guys made me unconsciously happy just by talking to you guys XDDD

Monday, November 7, 2011

Plain, i want

Xin is away today. Staying at her friends house doing assignment. even tho far apart, both of us are having the same feeling - STRESS. LOL!!! never ending assignments =A=

Been stuck in between my siblings and alex. I wanted to trust alex that he is telling the truth. but all evidence pointing at him is making him guilty. =A= boy, i trust you k. but now, i don't know la =A=

Plain, i want. XDDD yesterday i wore a light green top with a white pants. -PLAIN. I feel, relax, really relax. its like the world is less complicated. lol!!! simplicity, sometimes i love you. but i will always be loyal to my bed LOL

do assignment until siao adi =A= submission tomorrow.. now still doing research.. yeap, doomed!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


of tomorrow's impromptu speech

Sunday, October 30, 2011


你在一公尺不到的面前 手拚命揮還是往下墜
眼神那麼絕 凍結一切不讓我挽回
我在一公尺之外的世界 一輩子回不了的原點
我這才發現 你離我有多麼遠

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mua Shoe~ XD

Thursday, October 20, 2011

can't stand it

this weird feeling is killing me. its like a day is separate into 2; day and night, happy and sad.OMG!!! can't bare this anymore... happy in the morning and when the sky turns dark i start to emo? thinking of unnecessary things, making myself feel so miserable, unconsciously crying, want to isolate from the world. whats wrong.. what is wrong... what is damn wrong about me....shit

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lazer war | gd

I have to say, this is surely something new to all of who played it XDDD
starting tot: aiyar.. 10 mins nia... not enough to warm up pun
ending: waliao... run and hide until so qi gek XDDD

sweat all over, i feel that i'm thinner~ LOL nah... top up later during dinner...
what a tiring and satisfied day...

I have to say, THIS IS FUN

thanks liying and serene for organizing this outing XD
you guys are awesome !

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

old school love

arghh~~~ today is westlife’s concert and I totally regret for not going T.T

we had a westlife karaoke cd , and we played song by song. singing it in darkness on a tv screen. don’t know why I just can’t stop crying =A= thinking back of old days and how I regret so much for not going to meet them. aargh~ sentimental XD look how adorable they are.. those scenery, those hand movements. I have to say, long sleeve back those days are awesomely handsome XDDD

well, come to an ending of the karaoke dvd- mom suddenly interrupt and scolded us for letting alex lay on the floor. what a mood spoiler =.= she scolded us for not being inniative enough, even though we had done the house chores without her telling us to. really don’t know what is she thinking. haihz.

westlife- I love you forever.. deep in my heart

dummy signing off


Thursday, September 22, 2011

whats with those pinks O.O

new shirt XD

new vandana XD

just notice i started to have pink stuffs O.O wow.... incredible XDDDDDDDD

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After so many years of fantasy over it, i finally brought it!!! yeaaaaaaaaahhoooo~~~
Aldo i know the price is overpriced, but its original and i'm loving it! LOL
sooooooooooooooooooo, yea. i think i need to fan shing fan shing, be a good girl ^^
LOL! so not happening. aarrrrrgggggggggggghh~~~ <3<3<3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last year's post- lol I don't love you lo XDDDDDDDD

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

soy bean sensation

was online-ing till 4 in the morning yesterday.... when i was packing up to go to sleep, a breeze of soy bean smell blew into my room... its not just any soy bean... it the soy bean made by a brother in my kampung. it makes me realize, time has passes so long... i've all grown up, but yet what have i done?

yeap- what have i done?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


but not just any random friend. :D

/// found these post at the side of fb collumn. yeap.. those random days. miss you guys!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

few things

ooooooh yeah.... they say i'm young XD cuz i had a very childish looking hairstyle that makes me look extra round than usual =A=

few things | i shall suffer myself to dead to change

- be more discipline- to wake up early
- play less social network - see more inspirational designs
- images- never ask to snap group photo
- speech- be polite- never to express inner feeling
- food- oooh~ i shall enjoy you slow and steady
- table- keep it neat and tidy 24/7

yeap, i am an angry kid. In order to make others happy, i shall sacrifice mine. XDDD

Monday, July 25, 2011

can't stop the foood~ XD

oh yeaaaah~ McD- KFC- Dominos -McD all in 3 days in a row.. omg =.=
all those food luring me in... i love them too much to resist them...

went to melacca for company event... don't know what crime prevention thingy de... hahahhaa.. went to jonker street! 'baba' treat us very good le... he will definitely be a very good father ^^aah~ it was a awesome day but really tiring T.T well, did get closer with the colleagues XD

totally forgotten about not speaking... while waiting for the monorail (it was delayed) i was thinking.... what is the right thing to do? voice out- opinion not accepted. shut and keep it to yourself- ppl thinks you're arrogant. so stress neh....... haihz what kind of stage of life i'm going through....

i'm gonna hug kiko to sleep.... how good if it is warm.... kiko~T.T *heart*

to myself: jyjyjy!!! need to slim down! have some faith!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

worth the pain XD

saturday morning went to ampang to do wall mural. thanks to reechard and his teddy friend... we volunteer go there play XD draw the wall, paint it, up and down- tired like hell XDDD the boss treat us very good le...belanja us egg tart and 100 plus XD somemore got allowance ^^ a small small appreciation from him XD

sunday morning go to dataran merdeka to run- olympic run by McD... hahahaha so long din't meet them le~~ everyone looks quite fine de XD aldo life is quite hectic for all of us- for assignments or internships XD oohoho~~ get lots of goodie bags~ chewing gum banyak banyak ~ eat until mouth also numb XD

went swimming after the run. waliao~~ leg cramp XD 1st time.. omg the pain just won't go away T.T pain whole afternoon le... aiks... feeling better now XD ooooooooh yeaaaaa~ i'm darker now... become so so ..... gloomy =.= lol.... luckily i came out of the swimming pool earlier than my sister... wakakaka i'm the fairest now~ XD

to everyone, miss ya'all! fighting!!! 1 more month to go!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

speak + filter + impression

oh yeaa... i get a lecture from mom this morning... its regarding something i said during work place. my boss is having a party on a weekday after work for his newborn baby~ congrats boss! XD after work, i actually told the secretary to ask to boss to give us an offday so that we can be there earlier LOL it was merely a joke.. but when i tell this to my mom... oh noooooooooooooo...... kena la gao gao... XD

she said i have to speak properly. do not ever say the do not say things. example in workplace, not suppose to ask for a offday or a paid raise. she said i need to filter what i say everything.. cuz i don't think before i speak, i just speak whatever i want. regardless whether its stupid or smart =A= everything we say will leave an impression on others. thus, yea... i think i need to keep my mouth shut.

A pat on my head at the end of the intense conversation, put myself in ease ^^ ok la.. time to change this attitude of mine. i wonder if it will change who i really am.. will it be for the better or i will be less happier.

friends, GAMBATEH!!!! 1 and a half months to go!!!! XD

Saturday, July 2, 2011

internsyoook ~XD

How to put this in words... already 1 and a half month internship.. been through so much... laugh laugh laugh.. everyday laugh.... fight ah.... emo ah..... stress ah....sienz ah.... at the end also feel so funny XDDD really crazy!!! *really deep down inside, i want to say : really grateful we 4 intern together!!! * 万岁 !!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


can't find the rights words to say

how much is money worth?
can it buy back the contacts, the connection?
reflection of imperfection
portray that moment of beauty

Sunday, June 12, 2011

分分鐘需要你 By: George Lam (林子祥)

By: George Lam (林子祥)

願我會楂火箭 帶你到天空去
活到一千歲 都一般心醉

共你相相對 好得戚好得意
就算翻風雨 只需睇到你

*有了你開心D 乜都稱心滿意
我與你永共聚 分分鐘需要你

扮靚D皆因你 癲癲地皆因你
扮下猩猩叫 睇到乜都笑

若有朝失左你 花開都不美
做個假的你 天天都相對

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Coco trace someone punya specs XD guess who's XD

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


love is pain
Dedicated to all my broken-hearted people
One's old a flame... just scream my name
And i'm so sick of love songs
I hate them damn love songs... moment of ours


Sunday, May 29, 2011


after 1 week of intern i become a total panda =A= very very very very tired on saturday. can't keep my eyes open. i slept like almost the whole day!!! gathering was canceled, how long more can i stand this feeling aaarrrrghhh miss you guys too much T.T

Monday, May 23, 2011

1st day of intern

ohoho~~ 1st day of intern was very exciting??? I can't sleep at night, forget to save alarm clock, woke up by mom, knocked the door cuz too blurr adi, stomach ache, a cup of nice warm wheat~! ohohoho~~

nothing much actually... excited | sienz | fun | tired | This is Internship XD

Friday, May 20, 2011

nothing last forever

just saw san tian's post.. nothing last forever.. he said thats the catch.. bad things don't last forever too. yea babe!!!! nothing last forever!!!!!!!!!

i was gonna nag about my bad luck day yesterday... but nah... i guess its just a waste of my breath XD nothing last forever~ woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!!!!!

ohyar.. brought something i wanted to buy long ago.. loving it! XDDD

so happy right now... later sure la something sad will happen.. oh dang.. here goes the cycle... nothing last forever! ohohoo

i think i siao adi =A=

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


hahaha.. went for wesak... legs aching =A= but not aching once i reach home and had supper hahaha.... supper does cure :P mom, sis and i had inai drawings before the wesak walk starts XD ohoho~~~ i wanted to do it on my neck.. dad objects =.= but at the end don't know how come the ladies hand just end up on my neck.. and wala! coooooool~ dad even ask the lady to add stars for me XD love him la! XD

ah damn =.= gonna take amali this thurs... hope it won't bored me to dead... after that going out ohohohohooo... i'm sure it will be lots of fun XD last few days of freedom, i'm so gonna enjoy it XD

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The garden

o.= aiks... eye pain... its been a long time since i look into a viewfinder XD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh yeah!!!

ok la.. don't even know whether my username is still usable or not.. character highest also level 22 only.. cheh... but oh yeah!!! gonna play again! gotta know more friends... kao zai.. wakakka... opps! but my character is a guy =A= alamak~

not bad

hahaha new layout not bad... sem break, i guess needed a change; getting out from the dark and meeting the sunlight XD hmm... din't do anything productive today. sleep? heat? iron big pile of cloths? watermelon? pc? pc? pc? LOL maybe a lil guitar too XD

anyway, i heard from my dad that there is this crazy guy splashing acids at girls in kl area, so please be EXTRA CAREFUL!!! the guy is on a motorbike, so try to stay away from the road side =X what is this.. hahaha.... but this crazy guy travels from state to state. the last time i heard of him, he was in penang =.= damn crazy man =.=

hmm... nothing to do now. too free.. might as well do some exercise =A= i believe i will end up on the bed 15 mins later.... toddles!

Monday, May 9, 2011


finally exams are over.. the last exam was hard =A= really hard =A= like a stone XDDD Its been really a long time since i blogged. so many things had passed by. I guess i just have to remember it by heart, cuz i'm so lazy to write XD Senior say i have to keep fit =A= cuz i was totally overweight T.T omgggg... letting a senior tell me that.. i feel paiseh.... T.T maybe i should sleep more so that i can skip meals hahahaha XDDD

only have 2 weeks to relax and then its time for internship adi.. haihz.. gonna make good use of my time... haihz... but i slept at 8pm last night.. waking up at 5 this morning... hm... did i wasted some time there? sleeping time, no; family time; yeah T.T haihzzzzz.......

I shall.... i don't know.... i think i need to go blank..... *BLANK*

what an emo post lol....

Monday, March 28, 2011

fast line

line suddenly super good, 1st time loading went up to 100+ kb/s ^^ heapy~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

long lost friend

just get off the phone with my long lost friend~~~ aahhh~~~ the feeling is so damn good~ chat for 1 hour!! how can this compare with 3 years of mia?! lol.. hahaha its really heart warming to chat with an old friend, it has really been too long... i seems to go back to my old self? i seriously miss myself... the childishness, the joker, the singer... all i am now is a panda, emoness, ok la.. maybe more mature adi.. hahahhaz..... nevertheless, i've grown not just mentally and also in size LOL feel embarrass to meet up with old friend XP but as for my friend; from a total calm, quiet, gentle girl, omg~~ she's damn talkative now XD will know how to kenakan me adi.. omg~ hahahaz~ everything in the world is changing !! hahaha may things change for the better la~!

gambateh everyone!!! love ya!! ^^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what a shit day today could be =.=

don't wanna be cornered...

moved my stuff

loving bro

can't get my eye not to shut.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

bad girl

"why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss and dream. because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by heart" this is so true~ XD

i've been very bad lately... bad girl, bad daughter, bad friend.

when i close my eyes,

i felt the evilness in me. the temper, the sorrow.

so wrong

i wanna love, love myself, love my family, love my friend..

need somebody to love, a puppy will do ~ wakaka

Sunday, March 13, 2011


was clicking through my folders.. and yeaa...... still love this pic a lot XD

thanks pennyu! XD

siuk XD

went to ipoh for 2d1n, syok ah! XD so many foods~ weather hot and cold, green~ blue~ on the day i went to ipoh, there are a thick layer of mist at the mountains. haiz.. maybe is because of the tsunami at japan? pray for them. hope things get better le....

went makan dim sum when we reach there.. and yea..my mom throw temper on me? wow~ ok la.. i started it 1st... cuz we already sited downstairs, grandma's knee isn't well. but my mom went upstairs to search so sits!! it was so noisy upstairs. haihz.. but there is a lift to go up la.. so grandma and me went up. and i meet my sis and told her its so freaking noisy!! and there goes my mom~ ohoho~ xiao qi gui~ XD she say i babble too much =.= herg~

hmm went temple for like 2 hours? and then lunch... then this then that... then.. hmm... shopping? just to enjoy the aircon XD saw a shirt~ like like~ but rm55... din't buy =.= cuz dad say expensive. went home and tell mom, mom say cheap! lol... dad spotted a shoe for me.. looks nice~ but no stock T.T aiks.. sad la~~~

reach kl in the evening, unpack, wash mom and dad's car..thunder striking when halfway thru cleaning ... waliao.. i'm really so unfit.. body aching right now T.T

hhmm.. been on the pc for like 3 hours... nothing done, but created a new playlist.. ohohoho~~~ love my playlist le~ all english songs... only 2 korean and japanese songs in my playlist, finally XD

new word today... learn from rubber - siuk ah!! XD means syok la~~
too many assignments.. all piling up... suik sei ah!! XD

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sleep . much . time

Dad's been nagging on my sleeping pattern lately. coming home from school- sleeping, and waking up during midnight. din't have time to mingle with my family anymore. my sis actually say i 'lock' my self in my room =.= aiks... well, i tried to change, at least i woke up half an hour earlier than usual today :D

been watching glee lately~! ohoho~ love la~~ 5 episodes in one go.. the curiosity of what's gonna happen next.. XD i've learn quite some things from glee. and a sentence that my dad once told me - you can't always get what you want. it was a song?? haha it was sang in glee at the most tough and sadness moments.

thanks sharon for giving me this movie ~ love love XD so gonna download their songs

Saturday, March 5, 2011

hahahaz... slept at the rooftop in a tent last night... waliao....




damn. so lack of sleep

Monday, February 28, 2011

sun will set

Sunday, February 27, 2011


^^ felt happy today. sometimes there are things you're not satisfied of, you under grade it. but to others, if you put in all your heart, they are one of the kind. ^^ I'm so glad when i saw my best friend using the soft toy i made her, which i tot it was ugly T.T really touched.

life's been great this weekend. din't even touch any assignment. this is nice.. very nice... so nice that i don't feel like going to school tomorrow. i start to fear..... my friend say "我不哭!就算会迷路!" but i say " i will cry! if i'm mentally lost" ...

and yea, i'm kindna lost lo XD

aaah~ sometimes i don't know what to do to make things better.

love ya babe~ don't cry k~ *heart *

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning was a dissapointed morning. i wanted to go to the land behind my house to snap photo. cuz thier grass grow damn high! taller than a person! XD but dad knock at my door earlier in the morning, telling me that there are people cutting the grass that instant! waliao. heart break, disappointed, regret that i did not put my actions fast enough. thus, this gave me a urge to take action fast! 1 more week till internship deadline. if i can't get any company to accept me by then, i'm doom. LOL

Snapped photo to be send in resume today. hahaha.. snap until so shuang, wear green shirts and snap XD kindna ugly. not really photogenic, should practice more wakaka XD played with photoshop, not doing my assignments, oh yeaaah already doomed. XD

i saw someone post at fb. people who have low memory are happier? haha kindna true i guess. you will tend to forget sad things fast, don't keep it in heart, life have to move on dude! XD

cheers, my friends ^^ love ya!