Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1st sick leave

Yeap. FIRST sick leave in 2 years.

I guess its time to take a break and rest. but damn, feel so bored having to eat medicine and feeling drowsy and sleeping for the whole day. In the process of getting sick, i actually enjoyed my weekend. LOL

That's because on saturday i finally took my siblings out for movies. watched Kingsman and spongebob. super cool that guy in kingman. ohoho restricted myself from eating the popcorn but end up eating a quarter of it. =X right after movies we went to have buffet at Warisan cafe. gosh. so damn full. satisfied and end it with my favorite cheese cake. ohohoho

Sunday, early morning jog with siblings. even get to join the aerobic dance in the park. awesome feeling. shall pick up dancing classes if i have the time. if and only if again. hahahz. then went visiting relatives. ending the night with a surprise outing- amusement park. bumper car, ferry wheels, spinning cup.. oh yeahh.. those childhood memories. thanks for the surprise XP

all sums up to this day. sick day. LOL  time for medicine and sleep again. chowz! take care XD

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the NEW year

LOL i notice i only return to this blog whenever there is a big event like this. NEW YEAR.

well, last year had been a rocky year. lots of tough stuffs going on, difficult obstacles. so as i was thinking to boost up my energy for a new change this year, naaaaaaaahhh, so lazy.

but damn, 25 years old its like a quarter of 100 years. come to think of it, i have basically no achievements what so ever, pretty sad. i'm just exaggerating, lol. I did learn things in life, just haven't achieve something solid, something to be proud of.

So, 2015 resolutions

A draft list:-
- take IELTS
- learn Khmer
- build some furnitures ( oh my, i think i really got influence a lot by pinterest, too many things that i wish i can build one day)
- camping ( this has been on my list like.. forever)
- take one step ahead of my career
- double the salary
- freaking slim down but still enjoy eating
- have a family trip to anywhere (miss you all )
- maybe. start a side business (furnitureeeessss, wakakakaka i don't know why am i so crazy, but i really fell  in love with woods. lol)

So i guess thats pretty much what i will do this year, good luck to everyone! may your dreams be fulfill anytime in the future. DREAM BUT DONT SLEEP.  HWAITING!