Tuesday, November 20, 2012


lol.. still awake at this wee hours. its been quite often i stayed up late. many things just happen at the same timeline, kindna hard to cope. but rawrrr~~~ glad things are getting better.

read a post at fb today, saying that Sagittarius will have terrible luck next year, everything is a disaster. aiks!!! i don't know.. it kindna dragged me down, maybe i should stop my plans? new plans here and there... zzz seriously i don't know which one to listen to. hahahaz~~

fatso gave me a youtube link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiyFbCByAWQ
commencement address by steve jobs. really inspiring, the conclusion i made, go through the hardship, take bold choices, rawr rawr rawr, one day things will just work out the way it is. lol.. connecting dots... dot dot dot . fingers crossed*

sot adi la at this hour. i think i don't plan to sleep and just go to work and dread myself out like nobody's business. oh... yea... today i think its bad luck day or something. everyone just want to find fault with me. maybe i'm just too tired. rawrrrrr... what am i saying....

what a post...