Friday, July 31, 2009

Mentally tired

I've submitted my brouchure this morning... really feel satisfy with it compare to the last assignment i did...but don't know why... today seems to be a very....weird day... i'm not phycically tired...just mentally tired...tired tired until i feel like....what am i doing? whatsup with my life? eventhough there are so many assignments flooding in... i just feel empty =_=

while i was rushing my brouchure last night, mosquito!!! biting me all over... so i spray aerosol lor...cuz its very smelly, so i just off the lights and go to my room to lepak for a while... sis is sleeping already... so i was thinking of sleeping for a while and wake up later to do...wasehh... again the same thing repeat =_= over slept. but i was awaken by a dream... its not like i dreamt of something horror... but just that, i dream of something that i can't let go, something so precious, but i hate it =_= and i have no idea how come i will dream of it XD maybe thats the thing take makes me so uneasy the whole day... gloomy~~

well today is my mom's birthday! same as my childhood friend...gosh.. i was busy baking black beauty cake until i forgotten to wish her XD nvm lar..later wish keke... today i was thinking of taking my own transport to school... gonna leave home about 7.35 but mom say lets go to pasar and eat breakfast... then she fetch me to school.. i was like O.O mummy today is your birthday stay at home and sleep lar.. but she still take me for breakfast... she din't eat =_= what a breakfast... but after that i buy soy bean for her to drink XD

can't wait for tomorrow to come, florence is coming to Kl~ we are going PC Fair~ yay!! harry potter here we come! XP sot liao..kaka...

hereby i wanna wish 3 person Happpy birthday

<3 Mom
<3 Ah yoong
<3 Kelvin

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA~ wish all your dreams come true

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday me and family watch a movie named "2002" at NTV7... its like ghost buster like that lar... but the partners one of them must be a spirit... so the guy musy die.. its a canto movie....nice nice~~ me and my sis say this is the second most touching movie we watched together.. the 1st one is the sister something de...

Lazy to conitnue adi lar..leave it half hanging lar.. hahaz... bye~


I can online with my own pc!!! No more lagging.. no more waiting....


I really miss my pc with internet~~ Happy happy~~~kakaka

Thanks to Jeff =)

And i get my DSLR camera back~ mua camera~~ kekeke....
Dad's gonna be home in minutes... Chowz!
Love ya everyone!!! TAKE CARE!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stupid dog!!!

my dog went loose and i have to tie him back.. of cuz i'll let him run around the garden 1st so that he can get some exercise... but that stupid dog...argh!!!! he went and bite a box of toys and totally tear open one of the cushion and argh!!!!! the whole garden full of the the... don't know what it is call...small small like beans like that... aiyor!!!! i beh tahan! whack the dog like whack whack whack!!!!! until it run to the corner and don't wanna come out...stupid dog....

but after that i feel bad hiting him like that, so i went over to sayang him lor... and him him not to hide at the corner adi...who knows he become wild again and bite the cushion again!!! argh!!! i just went and whack him somemore....=_= haihz... don't know angry to him properly it don't wanna listen...i know lar that dog don't understand what i am saying.. but i'm speaking in so many languages!! stupid dog =_= haih haih haih....don't care lar... ignore this post... but wei.. don't think like i'm so cruel like that lar.. after i tie my dog i make a bowl of milk for him leh... haih...hate and love at the same time...

Stupid dog

Friday, July 17, 2009

Have to control my Sleep

Hahahaz...yesterday skype with florence for hours.. forgotten to upload my blog liao...hmm... Let me recall what happen yesterday.. Ohyah! ASSIGNMENTS! on Thursday night i was suppose to finish my slides for my colour studies presentation the next day. Searched for an hour then my dad skype, so i have to give way to my mom to sit XD went upstairs to read photoshop book to think about what design i wanna put on my broucher(have to show to tutor the next day also).. but i fall asleep =_= Mom finish skyping with dad and ask me whether i wanna continue sleep or continue my assignment... of cuz i say continue my assignments lar...but after she went out from my room, i curl to my side of the bed, and continue ZzzZzz Aiks... Sis din't wake me up to do my assignment, instead she remove my book and off the lights! GOSH!!! and i din't set my alarm clock that day.. ASSIGNMENT!!!! DOOM!!! 7am only wake up.. got 8am class.. rush! rush! RUSH!

Reached school, went into computer lab, fast fast design something(on paper) and when teacher pass by teacher see and say :better get it done in illustrator soon, test print is next week .... OH!! Hu! lucky~ right after this class straight away buy some food and start doing slides! my groupmate heard that other Group's slides is very very nice, full with information. Gosh, starting to get nervous adi... but something went wrong O.O only 2 groups is presenting and we are the second group.. i admit that the 1st group's slide is nice, lots of info.. but it don't seems to impress the teacher... teacher question them a lot and finally can't take it and ask them to stop O.O OMG! but no worries lar... teacher say they are not prepared, so ask them to present next week. keke... so its our turn to present then, Kheng wah is our leader and he is damn good! his english is like WOW Persuasive XD the tutor even make him the hero of the day XD hahahz... glad that everything went well.. but but but... good things must also have bad things right?

Shhhhhhhh.......i get an EGG for my colour studies test Shhhhhhh..........

Well, after school we went for lunch and bump into Penny when she was on her way back home.. sit together and have lunch XD LOL Sorry ya penny, din't go to Bon Odori this time. Don't worry, Next time we all go!! but of cuz lar... by that time lots of ppl book you adi... haihz... that time you're the one tak layan layan XD anyway, Get well soon! evendo your pm stated : Yeah!!!finally fever is gone..^^

Addition: I have a wonderful sleep on the night i feel asleep and din't do my assignment... wow... totally nice sleep~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DOOM >.<


Went to the National Library after having assignment meeting at school today. Searched like hell every corner of the library and can't find the book i want. i searched for 2 hours , THEN only i know that i can't borrow books from the main library =_= i have to go to the next building Wisma sejarah to borrow. Gosh, 50mins left before the library close. RAN to the next building and start searching for the books i want. i have the codes for the books that i search from their opac system... tell ya, kononnya national library... can't even find anything =_= TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!! make me so headache... 7 plus only reach home, ate my dinner, bath and then SLEEP until 12 plus. Now have to rush assignment pula.. haihz... Sometimes i feel like giving up lar.. but this course is what i like to do..its just that, I'm way too lazy =_= plus the headaches, it makes me wanna FAINT! haihzzz haihzzz haihzzzz....

~6 more hours left to do assignment before going to school T.T~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a day!

I spent 5 hours drawing at the reading room this morning. Skipped 2 classes for this.. as usual, last minute work =_= i have a crosshatching artwork to submit today at 1pm. Ok, I WAS really working on it last night.. drawn the outline of the picture, it a dessert. AND, my sister was planning to stay up with me whole night long since she have exams tomorrow too... Both of us comfort each other saying that we will nap for half an hour and will be wide awake to continue whatever we are doing. BUT BUT BUT~! It din't happen =_= There goes my precious time to do my assignment. haihzz...because of this lar....i have to make the decision to skip classes... TWO classes leh...anyway, get it done in 5 hours and handed it in. but teacher return it back so that i can make some corrections XD

Tomorrow gonna have drawing test! more like a quiz.. teacher say if you attend and take the test, ZERO marks will be given O.O weird right? what it means is, if you attend, your marks will not be deducted. but IF you are absent for the test, teacher will deduct as many marks as she like =_= what a deal to make us go for class... haihz... mom called Nikon and asked about my camera. It was said that one of the spare parts of my camera is broken and they don't have the stock to replace it at the moment! i was like WTH... but was also told that they had already ordered from japan and hopefully the stock will arrive by this week.. PRAY HARD lor! tomorrow i'm having photography class and i don't have a camera.. haihz.. thinking wanna skip class or not =_= Nahh... i'm dead if i skip somemore... I skipped more times than you can think of, really!

Ah! my cousin drop by just now to bring over my mom's car..(long story, don't wanna further explain) anyways, i really missed him. he is as YOUNG as me(same age lar ) XD Gosh, i hate when i look at the photos during childhood time where every photo is taken with his ELDER brother.. i wanna snap photo with my cousin lar.. not with his elder brother =_= hahahz... he's so cool leh when i saw him just now...he is not what you think 'handsome' thats why 'cool'.. he is getting fatter just like me wakakak XD He is now taking mechanics i think. mom question him a lot about car parts and he answer like a pro! that makes him so cool... i really missed those childhood time where the whole how family stay under the same roof...haihz~ But its great to be home..

Addition : Ate Bak Kut Teh for dinner~ wahh~ sapu all! cuz only had a cup of coffee and sandwich for lunch T.T The happiness food brings~ wahhhh ZHUN! XD

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Volcano BURST!

Sh*t Sh*t Sh*t like hell i totally hate that tutor!!!!!
=_= I've been rushing my assignment for the whole night.
drawing his bloody mascot. coloured in the car on the way to school.
Pc kena virus last night. have to retouch his request on power point slide ( also doin't pass up)
Din't bring set square then he went to the front and only show how to use to those who bring(which is only 3 person) Dammit i don't need you to teach me set square lor... i'm LK student leh... Lukisan kejuruteraan!!! Engeneering Darwing student!! ARGHHH!!! i don't know lar.... i really feel like wanna burst!!!! i din't bring my purse somemore.. thank god my mom gave me bread and orange juice to take to school today... went sungei wang yesterday, bought a RM60 bag(using my pocket money)and shirt yada yada... then we plan today everyone wear coller top to snap photos... Shit lar... i totally no mood to go with my classmates plus i have no money on me.. so i gave them my bbq chicken coupons and they went and eat.. i just can't smile... DAmn that tutor!!! opps i mean DARN that tutor!!!! ARGH!!! that tutor everytime fork fork fork... fork himself lar!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Break down, Slim down, Tears Down

Break down

My Dslr camera break down on saturday when i just came back from genting!!! when i came back from genting it was like 11am, grab 2 breads went upstairs change and eat and Zzzzz all the way till 8pm at night..after having my dinner i on my camera to look at the photos i've taken.. the camera lcd lighted on and then black out in 5 seconds O.O no battery? i went and charge and fix it back in..but it cannot on at all! OMG!!! i was like OMG OMG OMG!!! ran downstairs and told mom, she say she will take me to nikon to fix it cuz i really need it for my assignment. If i send it to the shop that i buy from, i think it will take 2-3 weeks... haihzz... what camera is this lar.. so fast break down... having flu cuz went to genting cold place? nahh... impossible~

Slim Down

Today don't know why i have the motivation to do exercise.. as usual my dad will encourage me to do chi gong lar... so i do lor... while i am doing it for half an hour, suddenly there is a knock at the door.. waliao...everyone is upstairs...they say the room is very stuffy and got one kind of ink smell =_= they take all kinds of fagrant to make the room smell nicer... even my smelly bro smell better than my room.. gosh...they totally make me feel bad

Tears Down
This one have something related with the Slim down... my siblings lar.. suddenly bark in like that and spoil the mood... i actually plan to do for an hour then go downstairs to help my mom sweep and mop the floor... but don't know why, really lost the mood. besides that, it makes me feel that i'm so useless.. can't even do a simply thing like this.. just finish that damn chi gong and help my mom out.. as simple as that, and i can't do it.. there goes, tear flow =_= aiks... i din't crying like wuu~ wuu~ lar... just that i sit there, and the tears just flow... and i cry myself to sleep...kakakaz.... aiyor... total waste of time.. haihz... guess i'm really useless...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleeeepy Trip

I'm still kindna sleepy after sleeping for 9 hours and just had my dinner. To me, sleeping for only 9 hours can't really bring back how many hours of sleep that i have missed out when rushing for assignments. Well, for the photography assignment, we (9 of us) went to Genting highlands. It is a total last minute planning. We plan it about half an hour and made a decision that is to wait at kl sentral McD at 5.50pm.. tell ya, only 3 ppl show up on time. the rest are still at pj and some are still at their homes! so we waited waited..and another thing will be the bus ticket, NO MORE 7pm, 8pm.. only left 9pm! haihz... we actually suppose to go at 6pm de lor.. but nvm lar... so we went to KFC to eat our dinner and wait for the time to pass.

The time finally came and we head to Genting! Genting is SO COLD!!! We snap photo for like 2 hours then we went into First World Hotel to snap more.. Grrr...hungry XD we went and eat again... after eating we went and snap phots again... OUTSIDE again! this time really damn cold.. wind blowing also... we snap snap snap.. then we went to a hotel restaurant to meet up with one of my classmates friend. We get to eat fruits, drinks and pao XD FREE kakaz... Anyway, After that we head to the 'lovers garden' quite a nice view there.. but my camera out of battery liao =_= its double the coldness over there! freeze liao! we snaped for another hour and went to a underground mamak to have a drink.. i ordered a cup of milo. the drink haven even come, i can't help myself but to sleep! so tired.. cuz was rushing assignment and din't have much sleep...

EH!!! pause a sec, tell you something, I actually sleep in the train on my way back home from school and din't get down at my stop! then the train went back to kl sentral. then i fall alsleep there also.. when the door is going to close only i woke up and went in. and the the worst thing is..! my stop is the last stop, so the trains stopped there for about 10 mins already! and i'm sleeping in the train!!! mom called me 7 times plus a voice mail and i din't hear anything! evendo i din't put silents mode .. Haihz..=_= you can see how tired i am...

okok continue, after having the drink, we head back to where we came from, First World Hotel. This time is DAMN DAMN DAMN cold!!! its 5.30am! and its cold like hell! there is so much mist that you can't even see the building or the theme park. Godness, everyone is like frozen. hahaz.. When we finally reached first world hotel, we all sit somewhere and then zz ZZZ well, i din't sleep lar... cuz i have slept while they are drinking chit chatting.. so went around and walk walk.. hahahaz... then we take the cable car and then take bus, then go home SLEEEEEEEP! hahaz..

Overall it was fun going there with my classmates, aldo we din't go theme park, safari, or skating. but when are all leaving and going our seperate ways after geting down from the bus, it was so lame. everyone is like sleepy face . say bye bye also very lame.. buay buay~~~ XD kay lar.. mom say i slept for 9 hours is too much.. so i have to go continue my assignments alraedy.. JIA YOU lor everyone! Degree life is so like this.. BUSy buSY BuSy!