Tuesday, June 12, 2012


your daughter is an introvert,
don't like to social,
do everything also no confidence,
what also can't do well,
don't have the guts,
always look down at herself,

you have this kind of thoughts about me,
then shouldn't you have also known that

your daughter loves freedom,
gets very crazy socialize among friends,
has her own piece of mind,
creative ideas flowing in her head,
look at the mirror and started to doubt,

what job YOU prefer me to work,
and not, what job i would choose to love.

In the end, freedom-negative; forcing to grow up-overlimit

p/s: what i hate the most is when i started to put effort,you proclaim that i didn't do anything at all.
you should have known that your daughter is born to be a rebellion.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

if one day

I don't know why i cry so hard for someone i have not become.
ppl teaching me how to be realistic
knowing about workspace politics
to step forward sometimes you have no choice but to step on others
i don't understand anything at all
am i still a kiddo?
maybe its time
to be someone i am not.

but still, the same phrase that comes into my head from time to time
if one day I have to step into a world but i can't keep a sincere smile, then from that day onwards, i shall live my life alone.