Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday took the lrt back together with my dad! 1st time! LOL

dad say it wasn't the 1st time, he took me on a lrt when i was really young. and he say i'm the only one he bring along.. *he was smiling to himself when he says this* so happy ^^

week 9 lo. a lot of due dates.. i seems to be quite relax.. mom always say i alwayshave that " I-Don't-care" attitude. is it real? am i really like that? T.T

i guess i am like that? been sleeping without doing any assignments lately.. really damn relax.. sei lo.. faster make me gan jiong la!!!!!!!!!  sob sob

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Saturday, July 24, 2010

lol.. too sienz.. change layout lo!!

hey go check out the new design template thingy in blogspot.
a lot of new things.. easier to handle too~~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bubble life..

shoot at home~ hahahaz bubble attack at home garden!
(the nicest photo)

one of the photo taken in studio. Product: antabax
( just a random photo)

not bad oh? keke...

Monday, July 19, 2010

i'm feeling very.... weird right now... pounding very hard... oh gosh... just because i asked my dad about his opinion on my photo shoot and he return me with a question :"have you done any research about what is your course gonna benefit you next time. what kind of job you will find and how much is the pay..what if the pay is less,will it be enough to support your life?" I stunt. cham lo

Monday, July 12, 2010

Heeeapy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Flo-rida!

Happy Birthday Pokai Girl!

Happy Birtdhay Candle! 

All from the year 1990 horse right?


Doesn't look like magazine cover lo XD

mua top! male female? @.@

Thursday, July 8, 2010

jia you!

lol... thanks to my cousin brother, i remember i have a blog XD

many things had been happening for the past few weeks.  went to melaka to visit "dong xin yuan".. went jonker street la~ shop and eat wow zhun lo~! but then the next day big incident.. camera and my friend feel into the drain.. bla bla blaaa... sob few days.. now everything kindna settle adi.. will be getting my camera by mid of next week.. then can start shooting ler~~yeaaaah~! really looking forward to the studio shooting with my friends.. wakaka XD

then went for hawaii musical night lo.. thanks penny for belanja me go lo~ not bad la~ fun fun dancing and eating and screaming like mad ppl. lulu , maho and chu came from sg long~ they say we scream like we are watchig horror movie =.= hahahaz 

then went shopping with yanny at klcc la... time square la.. she totally cool la when buying that pair of shoe.. 5 mins gao dim XD love at 1st sight eh? keke.. now not in kl lo~ that budak don't know need wait how long baru online.. aiks aiks.. 

dad's birthday just past not long ago... XD we were waiting downstairs for him to come down after he bath.. but he never come down.. mom went and lure him down but we waited for like 45 mins and they haven come down.. beh tahan.. took the cake up and lighted it.. barge into the room :"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" XD

its been a busy week.. and i bet it will be getting even more busier for the days to come.. hahaz... now this is life!! but still sienz la.. what to do? life so tough

wish everyone good  health la! don't sleep whole night also can jing jing shen shen.. hahaz.. Jia You!