Wednesday, February 25, 2009

summary of many days Zzz

I'm back! when i read my friends blog only i remember {OH! i have a blog too XD} hahaz.. many things had happened since the last time i update my blog.. i mean...really really lots of things happen...but i dono where to start from...

Final exams? finals is really really making me sleepy...everyday study everything!!! i mean EVERYTHING! but don't remember ANYTHING. =_= went to school early almost everyday with florence and angeline...studied in the must be wondering "wow, so hardworking de?" hahaz...i also think i sot sot adi thats why so hardworking.. anyway, it turns out during exam i totally don't know how to do!! 3 out of 6 papers i totally screw it!! cried =_= but hey~ today is the day the result came freak out! but the result..not bad...grateful to god.. i get 2.8833... din't fail any subjects! but yet..getting 0.05 lesser than last sem is not so a good result lar..

Prom night? comments on it? like it but hate it too =_= like because there are some of the songs that i like..hate cuz those song they put are clubbing songs! i don't hate clubbing song...but i hate i don't know how to dance! gosh...maybe next time will be a better one..will there be a better one? nahhh....

Valentine's day? aiks...sick that day...stomach ache, headache, dizziness, vomiting...waliao..this year Valentine's day still doesn't mean anything to me. but thanks to Spitz for accompany me whole night and eat breakfast XD

Cameron Trip? It totally rocks!!! we walked from one town to anotehr..Brinchang to tanah rata.. At night! how cool is that..ok..not so cool but tiring =_= went of a half day trip package...4 of us with 6 ang mo...6 ang mo made up of 3 pair of couples..from france, england and california??? was fun! horror movie at night? not so horror lar..the orphanage! really nice leh the it XD have breakfast at the balcony is also scrabble in T cafe also cool...everything is cool! trip team: me, Sharon , Penny and Flower XD

Ipoh? after cameron we went back to Ipoh. I gamble with my grandparents! and my grandma's best friend XD i lose =___________= RM6.60 but grandma don't wanna accept my money..haihz...din't know grandma so "ONG" win so much...they say they usually play RM1 de lor..becuse of me thay play 20sen nia.. hahaz..pai seh pai seh..i still lose =_= but! i enjoyed it! XD

KL? which is where i am now. well, waking up not earlier than 10am everyday. except one day on the saturday where i went to titwangsa with my family to see my sister run.. XD the rest f the days was like...aiks >.< i'm useless...i woke up 12pm today lor! terrible..anyway, everything is fine i guess..staying online till late at night is still my habit. mom kindna tired of saying me already..hahaz... anyway, going to visit florence and her mom tomorrow at seremban. its gonan be fun XD 1st time sit train to visit someone XD

I think thats all? looking forward and not looking forward to go back to kampar.. Looking forward is because i wanna go mamak with friends XD not looking forward because i will miss my family T.T aiks >.< sad lar sad lar think about it.. no matter what, Gambateh to all!!! next semester is a important semester! must must must work hard!!! jia you jia you!!!!!!!!! God bless ya! ^~^ love you guys a lot...thanks!