Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Community care restaurant-KFC

Today is my joe joe birthday~ woohoo~~ so i went to buy kfc family feast for my family to eat.. when i was waiting for my turn, i notice its soooooooo quite.. there are just noise from the kitchen and some kids playing around while their parents are ordering. surprisingly when is my turn to order, only i realise the workers there are all mute and deaf. O.O momw as with me at that time so she made the order instead of me. i guess i stoned =.= after leaving the kfc mom show me the notice at the entrances of the kfc. wow.. i'm really amazed. its a good thing that this ppl with some short of points compare to normal ppl get to work and experience everyday like others. aldo its still different in that sense that they can't hear nor speak. I will so grateful for what i'm born as. and yeah...! ~ tonight i'm gonna fight till i see the sunlight~~ hahaz! JY everyone!! live life till the max!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Friday, February 19, 2010

ohh~~you get me hatin' in the club~~

LOL. dad and mom is pushing me to do my assignments. and yeah! i am doing my 'assignments' hahahz XD instead of really doing what i should do, i end up playing with don't know what thing came out.. kindna express my feeling? peace, colourful sunshine, relax, recycle! the theme is... RECYCLE! I'LL BE BACK~ so assignments, slowly wait la! =.= i know, super lame. haihz.. so lazy to start doing assignments.. maybe tonight only do la.. sienzzzZZzZZzZ

sorry, I'm not very good in mixing colours T.T i know its terrible. SOB *runs away*

Sunday, February 14, 2010


LOL.. Happy CNY everyone~~ Happy Valentine's too~~ hmm... this year's CNY celebration feels kindna weird.. not enough time to prepare.. woke up late on the first day of CNY.. waliao... dad nag lor~~ plus we din't serve tea to our parents... aiyor.. din't snap photo also.. This is such a weird CNY. hahaz.. yesterday night went gathering at aunt's house.. not bad ler~ eat drink play... i have a aunt that is born in the year of goat.. waliao!! her luck is so damn good! damn good in *ahem.. you know la what we do during CNY* really salut her... so guys, remember to get close to those who are born in the year of goat.. they have TONS of luck this year XD

*This year i try to make a change.. i dislike yellow XP but try to learn how to love what i hate... so i brought a yellow shirt XD i snap a photo as memory hohoho... penny, remember the 7up you gave me? LOL... i make it into a necklace and it attracted a lot of ppl oh~ hahahz.. too bad the light isn't working anymore. if not it would be super cool! XD thanks oh!
Valentine's day is not just any normal day this year, i guess. so special to fall on the same day with CNY XD to those who are single, Valentine's day are like friendship day to us! hoho!! HAPPY VALENTINE's!! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!! =)

p/s to yanny : eh eh.. i heard ppl who are born in the horse year will have good luck in relationship oh~~ hahahz.. JYJY!!! BLUEK!~

Monday, February 8, 2010

everyone seems to updating their blogs XD

hahaz... kopi say i din't update my blog BLUEK =P

well, many assignments have been PILING up lately. i don't know what am i doing nowadays. i seems to be doing my homework but how come it NEVER ENDS! weekends have to clean up the house because CNY is coming. been giving the permission to slack because of my assignment but still... haihz.. never changed. yesterday went to aunt's house to decorate her house. she is sick =.= and now i caught her virus and i'm sick too.. argh!!

drawing assignment messed up.. morning 1 hour before going to school only touch up. then mounting not done. luckily teacher give us chance T.T its been quite sometime that i finally feel so lack of money to use. so sad. very sad. why at this moment where i have lots of assignment and outing and needed the money that stupid pick pocket have to target me!?!? stupid =.= opps. so tired. while taking bus home today i actually feel asleep and din't get down at my stop. aiks!!! went 2km away and needed my mom to fetch me back. haihz.. sleep for 2 hours. help out mom a bit then go out yam cha adi..thanks yoong for belanja me drink kekeke..

now my nose paip is flowing like water.. aaah sick+ assignment+ pokai+ shoulder ache= dummy with big black eye bags. BEWARE! hahaz.. anyway, JY everyone!! faster finish then celebrate CNY! aldo 101% sure still have to rush assignment during CNY de la.. JYJY!!! Buena suerte!! (spanish for good luck)