Tuesday, December 4, 2012


totally fall asleep right after i reach home. landed on the bed to a plane to dreamland. gosh... my brain is so tired. been busy and stressed up at work lately. too many new projects that has deadline due in a week. crazy ppl. lol

had a surprise bday celebration after work, uncle jang korean restaurant~! Dak-galbi, gosh, niceee.... but my cloths stinks after that T.T cuz its like a big hot plate that they fried instantly on our table. vege, meat, potato? apa rice cake and all sort,fried all with korean sause and added with ramen~~~~ i have to say, i loveee the ramen XD after 70 percent of the meal eaten, it was recommended to add fried rice. but urgh. dislike. will stick to ramen next time hahahz

change, what a easy word to be said. of cuz with the will , nothing is impossible. but damn, i am just too stubborn. hahahaz... feel so sorry to fatso. forgive me for being just a brat? but who knows, the greatest motivation to change is to dump or to be dump~ hahahahz but i never want that to be on the list,never.

change, that shall be it.

tomorrow la! hahahaz~~~