Monday, November 28, 2011



assignment stress dao crazy d

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

relief XD

finally demonstrative speech is over. and this time she FINALLY comment something about me. although the comments are about my weaknesses, but there is still a lil praise ^^ but i'm really glad its over!! almost made a mistake while presenting.. hahaha.. thanks to penny ler T.T her support really calm me a lot. XD

went dinner at a vietnamese restaurant to eat. wow~ something different. some kind of dry piece of popiah.. then dip into hot water one round and place it on the plate, and thats popiah! XD kindna expensive la.. but not bad, its really delicious, especially when added on the xo chili~ *love* XDDD

super stress last night, cuz i lost a purse that has 3 IC in it =A= shit mou? remember bringing it to the beach(which was 3 weeks ago) and realise that my IC is not with me when i need it a few days back. search all over the house, all closet, cupboard, boxes, trash; can't find it. really emo lo. search for few hours, finally i give up, going to take my bath. out of the blue, youngest sis came out of the room with the purse. OMG~ i burst into smiles (sound so wrong) hahaha but i was really happy :DDD it was hidden in a plastic bag in my sisters hideout place. lol..


Thursday, November 17, 2011



“watch what you say”

yea... i always said too much, said things i’m not suppose to say, say things that offends.

so yea, i’m so not talking anymore.

especially you, so not gonna talk to you like a friend anymore.

better return back to the distant mom.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

haha more

5 Starz XDDD oh well, 11.11.11 , din't do anything for the family... aiks... but as long we're all together, i guess everyday will be a special day :DDD

ohyeah~~ cousin from ipoh get married XDDD lovely, the groom has a twin, the twin is more handsome tho LOL. wish them happy happy always la

nice sky right? sometimes life isn't bright blue, it gets really blue. when you have those blue moods, always remember to SMAILE~ :)

oh.... i feel like getting married yesterday XDDD trying to run away from assignment pula.
visited my grandpa's aunt yesterday, 92 years old. she have a good memory lo! I wish that everyone is healthy and happy. eventho they are not, hope someone will help them in any ways. to be one happy-go-lucky kiddo XDDD

this is CAP. HANDSOME right?! i think i really fall for guys with this hair cut, just like song sam dong LOL

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Walked towards the sunset;
Shine upon the moon from behind.

Babe, I'm glad I'm blessed :D

you guys made me unconsciously happy just by talking to you guys XDDD

Monday, November 7, 2011

Plain, i want

Xin is away today. Staying at her friends house doing assignment. even tho far apart, both of us are having the same feeling - STRESS. LOL!!! never ending assignments =A=

Been stuck in between my siblings and alex. I wanted to trust alex that he is telling the truth. but all evidence pointing at him is making him guilty. =A= boy, i trust you k. but now, i don't know la =A=

Plain, i want. XDDD yesterday i wore a light green top with a white pants. -PLAIN. I feel, relax, really relax. its like the world is less complicated. lol!!! simplicity, sometimes i love you. but i will always be loyal to my bed LOL

do assignment until siao adi =A= submission tomorrow.. now still doing research.. yeap, doomed!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


of tomorrow's impromptu speech