Friday, January 18, 2013

smile to me, life

He have expectations, dreams, achievements; done or yet to be done or couldn't be done.

" you are so much different from me. you are doing good now. you are better than what i did when i was your age. you did good."

I was just shocked and stunt by what he said, a praise when i am in hoax? then i finally realize what he is going through. my grandparents couldn't be around for him to guide him through this.he goes though half of his life on his own without a parents love. yet he can be so rational in thinking, always guiding us through things that he himself have yet to discover. I know i should have love him more. I know i do, it just somehow lost track, maybe i took it for granted.

All that he wants are just simple things; greetings, joy, a helping hand, a smile.

" how old are you now? 21 years old, at such a young age , you can't smile already?"
" i'm 23, i'm older now."; then i cried. hahahahahaz....

cuz whats in my mind was i am old, so is he.

i to him, smile to myself, smile to life.

Cheers everyone!!!:)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

never too late

i hope its not too late to post about my past. hahahahaz. HAD THE TOTALLY MOST SURPRISING BIRTHDAY EVER!

shocked my heart with the screaming and shouting in my home toilet. being tricked and fooled to my toilet filled with all my besties , love ya all!!! really can't describe the feeling tho.tired la that time. hahahaz.. going through toughest time of life, so frustrated. guess my family just can't stand me being so emo everyday. thus, a party was thrown, just for me. thanks for all the freaking friends who played along to give me this awesome surprise; primary, secondary, uni friends.  ooohhh all the presents too~! love you all from every beat and bits of my heart. keke

hahhaaz posting this on the 1st day of 2013! wth?! not too late la..... new day, new room, new  environment. i can't help it but to start drawing the word 'welcome'' and pasted it on my wall. I hope 2013 will be a life changing year, with you, you, you and you~ basically its everyone la.. good times or bad times, its my time of life, so gonna live it! but most probably i will be procrastinating , as usual.

oh gosh, here comes 2013!

all the best ya everyone!! hwaiting!!!