Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Tomato for everything~

When I'm arranging my laundry and putting it into my cupboard, i realise something laying over there that i haven open or look through it ever since i come to Kampar. It was always there. I can't leave it behind at Kl, but i can't bear the pain to open it. But yet, today, i open it up and take a look at it.

Its the memory of Carrot and Tomato.

Tomato, something that i wanted to say to you personally, but i don't want the pass to ruin your present. Therefore, here goes. (Althought its impossible you're reading this..I'm just whispering,anyway)

I bring all the material stuff that i kept all along.Movie tickets, tissue pack, presents you gave me, letters..many many.. those memories. but i did not cry after looking at them. Instead i feel sorry. Why did i get mad for nothing and scolded that you never care of me. Where the fact is you care for me the most. I blame you for not giving me things to keep as memory, but you did. I guess this is what they say, you only think of what you have gave people, but you never think of what people gave you. My fault, sorry.

I'm very sorry because of my craziness towards perfectness in our friendship has cause so much miserable and unnecessary pains. I plan to make a card for you for your birthday. Birthday, the day where both of us are born for each other? I always keep this in my thought. Don't wanna doubt it anymore. Although we might not be the same as the old times, but.. i still believe-We're one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Service

Today is my 1st time going for sunday service at church. Really first time! Godness! i woke up at 7.30am get ready and the van came and we head to wesley church. Everything went smoothly until i realise something when i reach the church..i'm wearing slipper! What de..actually i was thinking of wearing my sport shoe. but then i thought no need to be so formal. manatau, everyone wear normal shoe and no slippers allow?! gosh gosh...i thought it was like going for care groups where we wear normal cloths. aiks. so i requested to change shoe with John. Starting he don't wanna lend me his shoe. hahaz. but i keep on asking, so i guess he kindna pity me? so he change shoe with me lor(with socks too) XD praise and workship is super nice! i really like it when they sing, Felt peaceful. at almost 11am we have breakfast. The food really nice leh! hehe^^ then after breakfast we went back into the hall. Calvin played the drum and guitar. I get it videotaped! Calvin sing the song ''How great is our god'', really nice er! too bad he not very familiar with the song i like- ''Hossana''. After that there is Caroaling practise. Waliao! nice leh the way they sing. Guys and Girls have diffrent pitch. But the girl's pitch super high =_= luckily i'm not joining the caroaling. If not sure ruin the whole thing. I can't sing high pitches, i think. hahaz. took some videos too. Too bad my camera not enough memory. If not i'll sure videotape the whole practise. XD Overall, sunday service was nice! Looking forward to go again next week! But this time, together with Sharon! i hope she don't break the promise again. I don't wanna cry again. haih~ to think about it, i wonder why did i cry just because she is not coming(everytime she promised to come) haih~ nway, just pray that she keep what she said. To end this blog, All the best to those having Exams! Especially exams this week, 3 exams continuosly 3 days. Cool? hahaz. it sure is. GAMBATEH lar!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember to blog !

gosh...i almost forgotten i have a blog! hahahz...since i go back Kl last weekend, i forgotten how to use internet. maybe its because the usage of internet isn't as important as the time spent with family. XDTomorrow will be my 1st mid term exam -Managament Studies. gosh i did not even start a bit until now! {{and the worst is..i left my Lecture notes full with conteng conteng of notes in KL!! the two most important notes! godness...haih~~ maybe i'll try borrowing from friend tomorrow.while i can only able to read the slides from the computer( download slides from wble).}} update update!! my found my lecture notes! i knew it would be somewhere..cuz i remember reading it after i come back from KL! hooray! lolz..have to study now..=_=

i've done some calculations lately..i get gpa 2.9..so how much should i get to get a scholarship? min3.8!! and how much should i get for this sem to achieve that?so this is what i calculated====


OMG!! the max for gpa is only 4.0! how could i possibly achieve 4.7?!
and thats the reason..i have decided to..STUDY HARD!!!
but i alraedy calculated..cuz of my last sem gpa..i can't get scholarship even if i score sem 2 and 3 both 4.0 SOB SOB~!

ok..next topic!!!
i wonder whether i get 2.9 is really...incredible? lolz..cuz someone is really pissing me off..she kkep on repeat and repeat this.. don't care whether its to me or to her friends or to my friends. Over and Over again she is repeating! she said that i'm always sleeping..every single time sleeping only...over slept skip class...but still can score 2.9...hey~ why? because i'm stupid doesn't mean i'm not qualify to achieve that kind of result. But true, i know i always sleep. Don't even pay attention in class. but at least i put all my afford in my assignments. and she don't. now thats the reason. haih~ i really really....haih~~~ no ear hear adi..hahahzXD don't care

next topic!
this is good news i assume? carrot and tomato are kindna like friends again? lolz..it doesn't mean that we are enemy before, but just we haven been talking for months! but lately thanks to her case' josh' we get to chat in msn and giving advises to each other. you know what? i'm happy =) really...cuz i can still be a part of her. she's kindna down lately cuz of that 'josh' thingy. and i always advise her to be happy..live a happy life.. editing photos for her.. run to her when my friend send me ghost photos..asked help about assignments.. its great that we start talking again. but one thing that i hope i never reveal to her. Its the sadness of my part of the story. Not living well without her, running away from reality, can't blend well in new envirionment, or maybe even dislike by my own classmate because of my not smiling face? i'm going to lie to her again. that i, too live a happy life..

The End **time to continue my revision.if nt sure die tomorrow. 3 more chaps to go!!**

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oscar Prom Night~

lazy to go cook my breakfast XP instead i think i should write what i wanted to write yesterday. yesterday i was too lazy to wrote my blog.. hahaz! its like this...Oscar Prom Night!!! Argh!!! its on 13th of feb 2009! Tickets are RM15. i want to go!! i've been waiting since the 1st week i enter UTAR~ and i actually thought that i will get to go that time. hahaz. to think back about it, its kindna makes me chuckle.. keke^^ i still remember the night where i when out yam cha with my classmates. then Penny invited her childhood friend to eat with us. after that she wanted to go buy bread at 7 eleven so me and her friend accompany her. plus at that time her friend have to go to westlake(the place i stay) to do assignment. her friend don't stay at westlake so doesn't know the way to go there. so i have to be tour guide to take her friend to westlake and search for the correct house. Penny said its a good thing too cuz at least got ppl to accompany me back home. hehe^^ so went to buy bread.. then me and her friend cycle to westlake and Penny went home(not at westlake, at new town)

While cycling we chat a lil about assignments. What tutor and hows the marking scheme.. at the same time i have to look for the house. cuz i'm not quite familiar too >< but we manage to find the house. and then penny's friend asked my name again. i said my name about 4 times! spelling too=_= my name was tried to be type into his phone. i guess i din't really notice that actually my phone number is what he want? So i said i gtg home adi. he wanted to cycle me home. but i insist i cycle back my own. don't want later he sesat in westlake pula. hahaz.. chowz to him! but i never forget leh..Since i was so crazy about Utar Ball, i told myself, i must take that guy as my partner to Utar Ball!! Waaahhhh~~~ dreaming~~ that was really what i thought lor..cuz that time quite daring. i thought if i get on hold of when is the Utar ball, i'll straight away find him and ask him to be my partner that night. Although i know we only meet once.. hahaz! Who is he?? XP but then..haih~~ don't know leh? now really got Oscar Prom Night....i don't know whether wanna go ask him or not leh...cuz that time still don't know him then not pai seh to ask. now since we have become friends, its hard to ask..XP if he ask me i sure go crazy lor!!!!!! hahahahahz...dreaming...will continue dreaming~~~

Friday, November 7, 2008

haihz! haihz! haihz!

haih~ i really really don't know what am i feeling right now. i wanted to concentrate on my studies and get good grades. but i sleep for 12 hours a day!! am i nuts?! totally! haih~~ everytime if i study at school until the evening..the 1st thing i do when reach home is sleep. sleep nvm..sleep the whole night till morning! i'm suppose to be studying! if not studying at least awake playing pc..not wasting my time closing my eyes lying at the bed doing nothing. gosh! i'm so lazy! haih~ and plus nowadays sharon is going through quite some hard times. and i know she will never tell me about it. both of us just can't talk. she won't tell me her problem and i won't tell her mine either. so rarely hang out with the gang adi. left out a lot of things. even if i join them. i don't have that kind of 'feel' to talk to them. haih! what was i thinking..maybe i just can't click with ppl with my looks..or should say my personality? weird case i know. especially the without smile face. gosh! must i smile 24/7?! haih!!!!! now i think going back pj to study isn't a bad thing after all.. at least i can start another new life!! how come ppl can start a new life easily and i can't!! another hint from god i think. the phone hanger that my friend gave me putus adi..means? get over it dude! omg! how many things do i have to get over?! i'm tired..really tired..even doing my tutorials and practical isn't this tired..nway..so tired until..i died in maple =_= my exp!! haihz!