Friday, August 21, 2009

Today, Saturday

hahaz.. cut my hair yesterday and i feel nothing? cuz no difference lar.. like trimming the hair only XD clean the back lawn this morning... full of leaf!!!!! crazy de... took an hour to finish sweeping and the winds start blowing ad dirty the lawn again! don't care lar! i don't wanna sweep all over again!

Had mee hun ge (mee papan) for lunch today XD my siblings and i too free adi... make it into shape of coins... so cute~ when mom's eating she say : wah~ we're eating money.. then alex say : I make money! XD waseh!!! geng!

Jeff's father transfer the photos from his memory card and gave some bad comments on the photos i snap.. and now Jeff's mother wanna give me award? i myself felt so disappointed of the photos i snap.. i don't even deserve an award.. haihz... dslr is not something easy to control.. instead another guy who have a Nikon D90 snap lots of nice photo.. i guess i'm too new for this kind of photography stuff.. mom say i don't understand the motif of photograph =.=

Dad is gonna be back in about an hour! can't wait to see him~ had so many plans on mind XD and taking family photo defenietly is one of it! but this coming week i will be loaded with lots of assignments T.T haihz!!! hope that i can have more time to spend with my dad~

Oh! chiaw huay sent me the presentation essay sketch adi.. cool... Henry did all the essay and we just have to follow and create some slides for it... XD thanks to that guy oh! he is really a very talented person... i'll show you a pic of his artwork.. cool leh!

This is his hanging mobile!
Drink : Dragon fruit+ tea

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



I write the title of my blog like that because!!! today's luck is like that =.=

BAD-Let's see, i asked my mom to wake me up at 7.30am so that i can go to school at 8.00am by taking my own public transport. mom called me by phone but i went back to sleep after answering her call. she came back home at 8.00 and saw me still sleeping! scolded me bla bla bla and haihz~~~ still take me to the monorail station. when i reach the monorail station, she yelled at me " go now!" waseh... i just mumble to her " sorry mummy" then i just slam the car door and went up the stairs >.< terrible

GOOD-I meet up with my secondary friend Lai Yee~ XD she's now studying at IACT... and its just at jaya one! godness! i din't know there is a college at Jaya one lor! John came along to have lunch together too... we ended up chatting at Old town kopitiam and then go visit IACT! i even went and enquire about thier Graphic design course! tempted to change Uni lor >.< Then we snap lots of photo XD really enjoyed leh~~can't wait for Bestari reunion again!!!!

BAD- er....nothing bad i guess... they annouce that my train is gonna arrive at the platform while i just enter the station.... run down the stairs to get ont he train XD a guy tell me " don't worry, there's a lot of space" hahahahz... weird lar ~.~

GOOD- I love good things XD had gathering with my promary friends at old town kopitiam again.. this time with my childhood friend's mom too! wow.. we chat chat chat!!!! hours man!!!
since 9pm until 11+ almost 12...bring back all the memories when we are just small little kids.. gosh! i'm really happy~ really~ we gossip a lot about our primary classmates, saying how they had change and all aosrt of things.. and then ended up saying i'm the only that haven change...=.= i tell aunty i'd grow fat arh! then she say "look here look there you still have the same hair style, hahahz" hahaz.. i guess i have to update myself ler T.T

BAD- checked my drawing marks from wble and found out i get all zero?! gonna consult the teacher about this tomorrow.. hahaz... gosh all my sketches haven complete er!!! have to rush all tonight.. aiks >.<

To everyone, Jia you lar!!!!!!!! I'm missing 2 Jasons now~ one my daddy, one cute little boy~ XD

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good time line dance party at Atria

LOL... i went to jeff's mom's party on sunday morning to take photographs for my assignment. hahaz... mom fetch me there and we somehow took the wrong turn along the way. but jeff is worst, he get lost! hahaz.. his mom is a total friendly person. Well after i reach there, get my camera started and start snapping photos.. While i was taking photo i get to know a few kids XD Alicia and Jason (Jeff's sibling) and chao yan? (jeff's neighbour's child)Really have a great time with them lor~ they are so cute~ i even gave them chance to take my dslr around to snap photos! their photography skill also not bad oh! ^^

While we are playing around suddenly its time for group photos. ohh! i haven mention that this party is to gather line dance school members to this hall room and dance! so every school will go on stage to snap a group photo. hahhaaz.. i get too gan jiong cuz they are ready in front already and i haven even set up my tripod! jeff's father announcing " photograpgers get ready! Jeff where is your friend?" waseh... more panic.. the photos i snap also not good.. headache, hand tired, frustrated OMG! i feel like going home! this photographer job is too tough for me! get all tense up even after the group photo session. have that serious face walking around snapping photo.. haihz.. but luckily the kids cheered me up XD ask me go makan. but i keep on ask them to wait a while longer cuz i still can't get any pictures the right way i want it too.. total disaster lor!

penny interupting...continue at home XD

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pennyu blue

See that girl... PENNYU lar!! she made my day blue T.T hahahaz
joking lar.. this are some photos she take er....2 weeks ago? keke
thats her ring oh! nice love she create~
some camwhoring after that XD

By here, I apologise for every wrong i've done and wanna thank you for everything you've done for me XD thanks pennyu~ *bear hugs*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hanging Mobile and broucher

Milk Bottle

Orange + Star Fruit

Darn ODD day =.=

Today is such an odd day because of a few things..lets start from the wee of the day

1. I feel frustrated until i mumble and whine to myself to sleep =.=
but luckily i have my sisters support, she wrote small little notes on tissue papers for me.
one is 'wake up now' slipped in my phone and another one "Dun sleep dy~ faz faz do your hw la~ tired go wash face~wish ya all da best! GAMBATEH~ by smaile=) " hahahz.. this small little note really motivates me and i manage to finish my hannging mobile.. thanks sis~ love ya always XD

2. I vomit after running a short distance to iArt to photostat marking schemes? almost the whole class don't have marking scheme so i'm so desperate of it, i went and photostat for them too. teacher is being furious in front already so i guess i have no choose but to run so that i can make it fast. I did make it fast and i feel like gonna faint when i reach the class.. too many ppl crowding around and i feel very dizzy. try to control myself but i finally surrender to it.. i went and puke and i'm the 4th to present? haihzz.. no strength.. sure low marks adi lar.. haihzzzzz

3. Lunch at Station 1. waited for 1 hour and the food never come!!! my food was serve the last, when everyone had finish and almost late for class. shit lar.. i am so hungry because i vomited everything and now they serve lunch so slow? haihzz...

4. Usually if i take the monorail to titiwangsa is faster than taking ktm to sentul. but today, its a total no.. i have to wait at titiwangsa for almost half an hour because of the jam and rain.. usually it doesn't happen this way.. i feel like asking "why now? why now when i want to sleep!!!!"

5.Slept right after i reach home. woke up for dinner and went back to sleep... at about 11.50pm, my mom suddenly start lectureringme =.= so ODD lar!!! she start confessing that she fetch me to school every morning is so that i can have more time to sleep.. and i'm taking advantage of her? haihzz... lecture for 10mins and i still sit there quietly.. speechless lar... maybe its because i'm still in the sleeping mode XD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tagged by Penyu

1. Besides your lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?


2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

OMG! stop waking me up!

3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?

hm.. chiaw huay..during photography class today

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?

a little bit lar XD

5. Will you ever donate blood?

Yes! Definitely!

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?

I guess so

7. Do you want someone to be dead?


8. What does your last text message say?

a long msg to my lecture telling her i wanna withdraw from the photography kampar trip

9. What are you thinking right now?

hanging mobile hanging mobile~

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now?

hmm.. no one? just want everyone to be happy XD

11. What was the time you went to bed last night?

early! omg! i fall asleep when i was doingmy assignment.. 9pm i think

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?

Jelita run t-shirt FOC XD

13. Is someone on your mind right now?

aSir, my Advertising Design teacher.. wonder what is he gonna say to criticize us tomorrow durinf presentation >.<

14. Who was the last person who text

Miss Lee, the photography teacher

Tag Tag Buddy~







Mok Mok

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Days to count

Hu! its been a long time since i update my blog... Angie is gonna start school tomorrow and florence is now having sorethroat.. aiks.. so many things happen... but don't know why it seems to be happening so fast.. and i just continue my life so blindly.. Mom says i seems to be more relax and don't have assignments to do.. RUBBISH! tomorrow i have a on the stop essay writing during lecture class... its the 3rd assignment if i'm not mistaken... and i have to design, make it out, and make a presentation slide about hanging mobile for my yeo's product (due on thursday) Drawing is due on tuesday, OMG! and i've only done half.. friday, t-shirt final designs.. this time with colours.. omg.. omg.. omg... the worst one!! Desktop publishing! newsletter! i haven even done anything! haihz.. i'm so dead.. aiks... but don't know why.. i really feel relax... maybe cuz ate too much cheeze cake XD but i'm planning to stay up whole night tonight.. hope that i can get some sense into me.. wake up karyn!!! you're at the peak of assignments now!! >.<

Yesterday my secondary friends came to my house to bake black beauty cake for one of our members of the gang.. Zhu gou bu ru gang which means we are worst than pigs and dogs? hahahaz.. everything went well and super enjoying leh~its been a while since i meet up with the gang.. cuz out of 5 of us, 3 study at ktar, 1 at kasthuri and i'm at utar XD but still the friendship never fade XD still the same lar.. crap a lot... that two girls still like to fight.. XD like cat and dog lar.. so funny.. the birthday girl sure was surprise to see me cuz they tricked her and say i'm too busy with assignments and won't be joining dinner with them XD instead we all bake in my house kaka XD but hor..we've been making black beauty cake since form 3 eh.. crazy de.. going to change recipe next time.. jaja is aiming for cheese cake.. she even take the recipe from my mom! OMG! now we know what to bake on her birthday kakakaz...

Ohyar... mom ask me when i'm gonna take up guitar lesson.. its expensive and i think not worth it lor... but you know what my mom say? she reply me : 'i rather pay them to get you do something than lacing around doing nothing '.. waseh.... boom dao... ok lor.. maybe sem break go learn =_=

kay lar.. want conitnue my drawing... happy birthday MC~ Wish all your dreams come true oh! ^^ Florida get well soon arh! always sick de you... Angie have a great day at school ya! =_= but you no internet to see this T.T faster get your internet fix !!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009



I HATE I HATE I HATE ARH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haihz...i hate hate hate... hate er!!!!!
haihz....!!!! hate!

i tell you arh....i've been so so so so angry for almost an hour!!!!!!
and i can't stop being angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hate hate hate~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

PC fair outing!!

today i went and meet up with Florence and Jeff. hahaz.. this morning we planning to postpone the plan because of the demonstration having on at the road... panic panic confuse confuse but still, we went for pc fair~ XD meet up with florence at kl sentral 1st and then with jeff at the pc fair XD florence brought a lot of things leh.... some for her housemates... and there is this head phone she buy...wah~~~ nice leh! chun! XD and i brought a white mouse (dragon ball!) wahh..happy happy...after that we went for movies...Harry potter and the half blood prince...we are finding the nearest exit so that we can reach suria klcc to watch movie lor.. so funny...

well we get lots of goody bags from the pc fair XD Jeff snap photo with a leng lui army ... me and flo snap with a green apple XD total fun lar collecting those things.. kakaz...the movie was awesome that the beginning...boring in the middle.. shocking at the end XD after the movie we all have to go home lu~ lrt station pack with people!! waliao!! then reach kl sentral adi, pack also!! wahhh.. sot liao.. luckily every of us reach home safely XD can't wait for another gathering... next destination?? Penang? kakakaz... Angie sure waiting for us XP


Florence- Big apple- Jin

Jeffrey -Leng lui army