Friday, April 24, 2009

Those days

Now i'm studying for my finals...maths =_= while i was studying i suddenly think of 'those days'.. Those days which can only be labelled as memories now =_= gosh...maths is a subject where i find it hard to understand...especially during my secondary school time...luckily there is this someone who teaches me hours before SPM Add maths exam... To think about it, i missed it alot..missed those times where we hang out together, lunch together, home together...and i remember there is once where i waited for you in the canteen for quite some time, you were late. so i lean on the table and have a came from behind and hugged me and say "sorry i'm late" gosh! i feel like crying that time XD i guess things have to go on...might never know what is gonna happen next, so i'm still having faith in you...will always pray hoping that you will be happy cuz i can't bare it when you're sad...hope that me and you have done a right decision - GROW UP

BBQ 22th April 08

BBQ!!! it was super fun bbq-ing among our company members XD what company i dono president all those means can form a company adi i guess? XD anyways, here is a brief about our bbq...we have many foods until we can't finish...corn, jelly, longan, cincau, junk food, meatball, sotongball, sausage, sotong, burger, french fries...looks like very little..but gosh...really so so so much..bbq from like 8pm until 2am also cannot finish XD Vice-president start up the fire and there goes start bbq-ing! well, the fire was very very big so we have to put of the fire once in a and president will be bbq-ing for them to eat...treasurer will be taking photos with everyone XD same goes to the member... oh yeah! the member also bring his speaker...we blaze music~ sharon the DJ chooses the song.. we played water half way through the bbq...and continue bbq-ing until pass still goes on..and thus! a love letter came to us! of the girls from our opposite house came and give us a note which says in mandarin " dear students, can you lower down your music volume because there are people who wanna sleep or god loves you " hahahahahahahz....waliao...but of cuz we lower down the volume lar...then yik kuan and her friend pass by...and join us for bbq...they din't eat lar..just hang around chit chat only...ohyar! there is this one girl who ask whether she can joinu s for bbq or i say "yea sure~ " so she come sit beside me lor..there is a girl who was with her too...after that the girl say " kay guys enjoy ..byebye" =______= what?! ok...president say maybe the girl play true or dare lose kena dare come to sit with us..waliao...zha dou...and everyone tot that is my friend leh... hahahz XD anyway, after that don't know how start playing water again XD running all over the place...especially zh and kk..sharon kena poured until whole body wet a few times XD very funny....ohyar...i think kelvin was here already...he was late =_= say coming but take so long ..haih haih....after that is time to clean up! while we are cleaning up...washign the dishes, keeping the speakers and laptops, cleaning the the floor! thats when we start playing water again =_= hahaz..this time with an extra member and less treasurer =_= it will be more fun if she is around XD the whole bbq was super fun...glad that we all oraganise it...XDDDD wonder when will be the next time? looking forward~! keep in touch ya! ^~^ glad to have you guys as best buddies~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Motobike experience! woohu!! >.<

We are having bbq yesterday we went to tesco to buy the stuffs...been having lots of meeting for this bbq thingy XD people assignment meeting is 1 week a few times... we meeting for bbq is like 1 day a few times XDDD anyway, firstly president plan to go by bicycle...treasurer and secretary wanted to go by't make up our the end, motorbike! gosh...a member manage to borrow a motorbike but we only have 3 helmets where there are 4 of us..i guess its a good thing huh? cuz i kind of phobia motorbikes...almost get knock down by motorbikes a few times already..haihz =_= but still..we found a helmet which is from president's friend, motorbike plan is on =_= this is really my very very first time riding a motorbike!!! starting its like...waliao...shaking...scared...but excited at the same time...president and treasurer keep on laughing =_= when we go to tesco we took the small its kindna bumpy...scary >.< feel like gonna fall any moment =_= but when we come back from tesco heading home...main road! kindna like highway..that is totally cool...i and smooth XD after that president made an annoucement : "lets go to jalan mati " (FYI, Jalan mati is a highway nearby our hostel which not many people go...cuz its jalan mati =_= it leads you no where ) so there we go...motorbiking towards the sunset...wahhh~~~ very nice very nice!! hehe^^ i guess motorbike is fun after all...

ok...when we reach home we unpacked the stuff we brought from tesco and open watermelon to eat!! woohu! me and sharon ate half of the full! sweet and juicy XDDD is bbq day lor,..i guess i have to go get ready the jelly and french fries adi =_= laundry also haven send =_= this is what happens when waking up late in the afternoon...hahaz..

wanna thanks sharon for letting me use her lappy to update my blog..

BBQ Carta Oraganisasi
President : Wong Zhong Hao
Vice-President: Keith Liew <<<< Incharge of getting the fire started
Treasurer : Sharon Teoh
Secretary : Karyn How
Member : Chong Kim Xiong and Kelvin Sia

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Luck everyone!!

Today i will be going back to Kampar adi...guess for the rest of this study week have to really study lor... tell ya what, i found my maths notes in my bag here...gosh!!! i din't notice! luckily i did, if not i have to say bye bye to my notes cuz i'm gonna leave it here XD anyway, the bbq that day was nice! dad always bbq the best lamb chop XD juicy tasty QQQQQ yum yum! hehe^^ well, me and my mom went to mutiara hotel to buy cake for michelle which suppose to be 50% discount after 6pm.. but mom tot its 5pm, so we went there and..."50% discount is at 6pm miss" the casher said to me =_= waliao... nvm lor..we have mocha chocolate ice cream at thats her bday cake XDDD i gave my sister a big surprise present.. its a big in color and which two lovely bears on it.. i brought it quite long ago in kampar and now its hers..she keep on hugging it lor..even when my sibling hug it for a moment she started yelling adi XD

Charity for ti-Ratana...don't remember which school it is at..aldo i went there for like so many times adi ..haihz =_= anyway...this is what and my mom went thhere 7.30am and my dad and sibling will go about 11am... we unload the things and display it on the table..the proudest thing i've done is..i always always in charge of write the price boards! XDDD we have to go take ice to soak the soft drinks so that its cold...3 of us went to take and GOSH!!! my hand hurts! until now still freeze my hand and my left hand totally no streght to get it ice up again...aldo so, i still go 2 rounds =_= now hand really really ache XDDD all the things at the family fair was cool!! my sis wanna play a game somemore but out of i gave them RM2 and ask them to go change a coupon..instead, the lady gave them RM 40 coupon and din't even take the RM2!! this is went we went crazy XDD game game food food WALIAO A!!! hahahzXD

this is the most funniest thing i found out when we whole family gather together tell me that dad says we din't hug him anymore =_= after that when my sisters brought some say..."give me a hug~" ow~~~ how nice right? me and mom was walking quite far when i turn round and saw my siblings hugging dad...i run there and hug him and say " hoho!! someone complain to mummy that we din't hug him annymore lehhhhh~ " cute lar my family...

Anyway, i guess i have to stop here adi...have to go lunch with my dad's friends..after that i will be heading to the pudu bus station lor...No pc in kampar adi Wuwuwuwuw T.T so, all the best in exams everybody!!! Study Smart and Study Hard!!! this is final dude!!! GAMBATEH NEH!!!!! XXDDDDD

Friday, April 17, 2009

1st of march -FLOOD!!! O.O

While i was loading the photos from my canon camera to the pc.I found THIS!!!
KL was flooded on 1st of March and these are the photos my siblings took..check it out XD COOOL!

Few more weeks left in Kampar

I'm now having my study break for a week...well...lovely family at home again~ miss it a lot!! ^~^ gonna treasure every moment with them XD anyways, before i came back we have quite lots of activities in Kampar.. Sing Karaoke 2 times! (Rm8.80 each time)have lots of fun over what sharon says..this is our 1st time! XD it wasn't how i expected..i tot that sing k is like a very very small room..who knows?! we get the big room! and its getting even bigger XD gosh...last few weeks in Kampar...this is how we enjoy life XD basketball, dinner, yamcha, play water(din't really do this) , stand under the rain (not heavy also), see movie, eat snacks...everything is just so nice! gonna miss this kind of lifestyle next time..and most of important the buddies we play with...Next week we gonna have bbq...i'll upload after the day came lar XD i can't predict the future lor >.< anyway, sharon have this software that make funny decoration on photos...Look!!! hahahahahahhahahahhahaz!!!!! XDDDD

Sunday, April 12, 2009

黑色翅膀 (Black Wings)


Liked this song long ago~ sorry Calvin i can't find the translation to english XD hmm...All i can say is...Nice song(to me) :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Zzz alone

I just Skype with my dad!!! wow! i'm so energise show me the variety of bags he brought...i like the red one!! keke^^ then my dad laugh at me say i'm still the same wake up so late...but lecture me a bit say must appreciate the time...wake up ealier only can get more things done..keke^^ "orh!"

well..i'm cooking potato salad..more like i have finished cooking and now leaving it in the fridge to chill it..waiting for sharon to come home..hahaz..for this weekend sharon went back to her hometown klang and i stayed in kampar.. well, it isn't bad at all....i get to witness john dye his hair and pierce his ear..hahahz...laughing and looking at him through the whole process...cuz this is my first time seeing it XD went shopping at new town (possible mar?okok only lar) brought myself a shirt that came with a scarft...not bad lar..makan my RM30...hahaz..went yamcha at night with angie's housemate and wei jie and john....angie's housemate really know how to joke!! omg..they really know how to twist the jokes into more joking! =_= what am i crapping... angie says i will post about the drama accidentally in it, florence and angeline skipped the last lecture class at 4-6pm to go back home to bath and do some for me my bag was very heavy and i don't wanna stay back at school and walk around with my back till 10pm at i was absent for lecture too XD kakaz....the drama was WOW! i don't really know how to describe or tell you the story line..cuz if i will take the whole page! my as well copy the story line from the booklet they gave us when we register into the hall..aiks>.< i can't find the time lar i upload it...hahaz.. now i porridge? hungry =_=

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool!!!

3 people fooled me today =_= more like making me look like a FOOL

1st person is Zhao. but he din't really fooled me...but almost! thanks to florence XD let me tell you a clearer story... i called up zhao and ask are they still yc outside...he said yes and ask where i am and faster cycle out to meet them asap! at that time i just finish chit chatting at the basketball court and i walked florence home before i decide to go out to meet them... florence add on somemore chatting so kindna delay some of my time to rush out..this is the part only i realise i was fooled! zhao cycle behind me while i was talking with florence..i was like "eh? shouldn't you be outside waiting for me to come?" then i realise...i was fooled! they wanna trick me to rush out to yc and they april me when they are on the way back...hahahz...SMART! but too bad...he din't get a chance to really see me kena fool...but they yell Happy April Fool when they pass by me...hahahz....

2nd person will be Sharon... gosh..this one 101% kena fool leh..i was having maths exam from 6-7pm..while i was having exam i can sense vibration in my pocket...1 sms and 2 calls..gosh...maths exam is ok..hope i din't do any careless mistake..but the last question really drive me nuts...anyway...the main point is....the msg is from was written like this " hey y ur cloths all put over my bed? cant u put it own your own bed? haih...n al is not folded...i dun like ok...sory" waliao...after i read the msg i was like....frown! =_= i keep on thinking did i put the cloths on her bed...omg she is really angry..what to do many things came up into my mind...florence and angeline was asking me questions about the maths exam but i totally can't answer the bus i finally reply her msg. saying that i'm on my way home to clean up the mess and i'm really sorry...and the you know what she reply me? APRIL FOOL!!! gosh!!! she make me cry leh! after i read the msg i can finally put a smile on my face but with tears!! and i keep repeating this phrase " i'm so stupid!!!" waliao...laughing and crying at the same time...gosh...what a trick....

3rd person will be tomato... she send me msg asking whether i want to work part time...Rm220 a day..just have to stand there to snap photos with the visitors or i IM her saying i wanted to but i won't be in KL and asking where is the venue of this part time job...then she say : ZOO NEGARA! then i was like....OMG! APRIL FOOL! how stupid am i =_= but at least this time i realise and i'm the one who say april fool...hahahz...she say snap photos withe visitor cuz i have to do a part time job as a monkey in the zoo negara!! hahahz...nice trick too...i might use on other people next time...

but i just tricked yanny! hahaz...i told her i was nearby her house and ask her to come down...and she said she really did come down and APRIL FOOL! i'm still in kampar XD hahahahhaz....sorry ya yanny! but i just wanna kena ppl also since i kena until so cham..miss ya kenakan you lor..don't say me budak jahat lar...hahhaz..

k lar...wanna sleep adi...tomorrow will be a long day to go....8am class till 6pm..then going for the drama "accidentally in love" 8pm-10pm....haihz! but wish to have fun at school!!! woohoo!!! HAPPY APRIL FOOL EVERYONE!!!