Sunday, November 29, 2009

★ 矜 ★

Friday, November 27, 2009

1st present for my 19th year old bday XD

Went to Book Fair this morning!! bad bad wolf book fair at Amcorp Mall.. it will be until the 1st of December (Tuesday) i think... this morning we all woke up so unwillingly XD its because we slept quite late last night.. about 1am. what else? chit-chatting la.. XD

all of us dress up and went downstairs.. my brother wear like wearing at home =.= so we went to his closet to choose cloths for him.. suddenly he take up a box and ask " who put this box in my closet with my cloths?!" then i take and see and laugh " maybe your admirer put there for you leh!" then suddenly!!!! Xin come and snatch the box away.. waliao... then i say" open la~" but don't know what happen.. i went up stairs with another 2 siblings.. to dry thier hair i think... hahaz..

After a few minutes, Xin came upstairs and give the box to me and say " nah.. actually this is for you!" waliao.. its my birthday present la XD a small green colour chair to put stuff.. hahahahz.. so funny la! cuz my mom put it there... no one knows except my mom.. damn funny.. gosh~ an early present.. love it~

Ohyar.. we brough 18 books.. for RM90!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yang ini Project typography kumpulan saya. ada merah punya, emas punya, putih punya NAGA! makan masa yang sangaaaaat lama... aiks... tengok la... lain kali i upload yang emas dan putih...(gambar kat orang lain punya camera) cantik oh~ hahaz... ohyar.. gambar ini adalah perkataan "W" . iaitu ejaan pertama daripada "WINTER". HO HO HO... biar siap dulu saya upload lagi la.. hahaz terima kasih~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo session ~ keke

This is...tah-dah!!!! Xin~ (the fish) =.=
Photograph by Jin~ XD (lame-nya)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Self reflection

Thought of leaving this post ke-100 to write on a special day... but! i think i better use it now to confess something and do something about it... T.T HAIHZ!!! HERE GOES!

I,......................................................have no discipline!


I should have studied for my french exam today. i did study but it was just a while till i find some lame excuse to go downstairs to cook thousand and one stuff to eat T.T and i should NOT have gone to bed =.= cuz i NEVER woke up once i fall asleep T.T my sister and my mom tried to wake me up many times but i still....!!! haihzzz... really felt sorry about what i've done. really have difficulty answering the question T.T

On my way back home, keep thinking and thinking... why why WHY?! haihzz... some back kena lecture from my sis somemore =.= so!!! i make a decision to study tomorrow! cuz i'll be having another french quiz on monday... i really wanna do well... don't wanna disappoint my family again T.T *fingers cross* wish me luck

Okay lar.. enough of my stupid lame day =.= Tonight we'll be putting up the christmas tree!!! yeah~~!! kekeke..... love christmas every year... super duper fun when decorating the tree... you might think its a month to go... but hahaz... times flies fast~~ hahaz...faster finish the semester ba! 2 more weeks!! just 2 more weeks!

Good luck to all my STPM friends ya~ all the best ya yanny!!!!! make all of us proud ya =P

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japan Kit Kat

OMG! I tell you i'm super shock when i saw this on the dinning table... A GREEN COLOUR KIT KAT!!! @.@ hahahaz... it belongs to my sister.. one of her friend went japan last week and brought lots and lots of stuff from japan to be share with her classmates... wuwuwu T.T green colour kit kat! how cool can it be???!!! >.<



Today i made inai for my siblings!!! hahahaz... so ugly lor.. 1st time.. kindna cool actually.. i draw a 'Z' at my leg. but din't manage to take a photo of it XD kakakaz... cool cool cool~~~~ because i made inai for them i finally take out my camera to use again.. then snap snap snap. finally change my blog photo d kakakaz.. suang~~ <3

today after class then meeting then go timequare~ hahahaz... see anime fest. but by the time we reach there, all already packing up adi.. like gonna end liao.. nothing much to see XD too bad le...

Mom say i spend to much money adi... she din't really see me spend the money la.. but its because i buy too many things for my sibling adi.. buy mask la.. soft toy la.. inai la... waliao.. she keep saying wanna potong my pocket money~~~ $$$$$ so now i'm officially pokai adi... haihzz.. suan la... we happy then ok liao keke...

Ohyar...Happy Birthday yanny!!!!! the granny finally growing older liao..kakakakaz... all the best in stpm ya.. you sure can score... i have faith in you oh~ ;D besides that happy birthday to Sharon too!!! big girl liao lor... god bless you in every ways lar~ be happy ya ^^

Thursday, November 12, 2009


everyone is kelam kabut because of the typography assignment!!! >.<>.< today right after class when we're having lunch suddenly it rain heavily!!! T.T at this time penny sure will sing " rain drops falling on my head~ " XD haihzz... rain ah rain... rain so so so so heavily.. until i can't go buy my stuff for typo.. have to wait after dinner only go buy... who knows!!! no stock! omg! luckily i have the paper at home XD haihzzzzz......

i brought 2 big boards back home.. so i ask my sisters to help me to take it upstairs kekeke.... then out of the sudden they tell me about the note i leave for them the day i went kampar. XD i don't quite remember what i wrote for them lor.. and they still keep the note!!!! all my siblings have a note written by me.. XD so funny la when i look at the note again.. then i remember that i even leave 50sen coins on my brothers desk XD (cuz he also like 50sens) gosh... it makes me realise.. time pass so fast. really fast that you don't even realise it.. =) i miss everyone~ everyone who pass through your life are important.. they might be the ones who you build you up, or tear you down. but no matter what! they are a part of your life.. gosh~ love you guys so much~thanks thanks THANKS! =)