Tuesday, May 20, 2014

bloom today

The flower bloom today.

lol? hahahahahaz my dad's epic attempt- BAKE A POPOVER CAKE . just by a 10 mins glance at the tv show of martha stewart. totally hilarious. dad just say, LETS DO IT. and i'm not sure if all of us are SO SPORTING to join my dad, or we're all just worried. HAHAHAZ!

Its really a funny thing how my dad simple words can make all of us to buze and make a move. My dad's ridiculous recipe measurement. stated ONE CUP, as in baking cup measurement. he takes a drinking cup and fill the flour in. LOL suppose to use blender, he use fork to stir. ask me not to over stir it. omggg how could i possibly over stir when the blender stirs so many times faster than me?!

Gosh. this is one of the days. one of the best days. best smiles, best memories.

the flower blooms today with a smile :)