Saturday, August 28, 2010

Its not the assignments that are stressing me up.

It’s the disobedience, the thick face bull, the unreasonable.

I thought I was respected, herg not anymore.

For that one moment, I wanted to spank them with the cane.

Realizing what a mean sister I am, I broke down.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Do convo present
Touch littleeeee bit of 3dmax
Go convo

Cook sushi for lunch
Staring at the pc.... NOTHING DONE! DAMN!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've live my life till now.. almost 20 years lo... wow... really grateful that i live this long eh~ XD don't know why i feel so... grateful that i have a wonderful family.. wonderful parents, sinling, cousin, friends~ they always make me smile and laugh like mad. XD aldo i notice my smile look damn ugly this few years... lol! even my sis also say like that.. hahahah SMILE is my most important asset.. something i was always proud of when i'm a kid. but think back about it, i think my smile is precious because i seldom smile! XD but at home its always a different case. . sometimes i wonder whether i have split personality leh.. hahahahz.

anyway, this post is about a wish that i wish~

I wish i could say i could be brave enough to say i love you to all the ones that i love.
I wish to say it every single day.
I wish that there is always someone there for them when they are in trouble.
I wish everyone is safe.
I wish what i wish is not just a wish.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


shit shit shit.. i'm at school now =.= 8.01am SHIT!

i reach at 7.50am thinking "eh? this is the 1st time i'm the 1st person who reach for lecture class." so, sat down and drank my milo.. suddenly i think think... SHIT! lecture cancel la! alamak~ this morning mood already not good somemore come to school kena fool by myself. next class will be at 2pm! i din't even bring enough money to school to eat. luckily i grab a pack of snack before i come. haihz.. total shitness.

sorry for the shits. but really shit la.

Friday, August 6, 2010

awesome hecticness XD

hahahahaz... was rushing 2 assignments today, digital imaging and creative thinking. lol.. i too smart adi forget to bring art cards that i brought yesterday. din't even draw anything on my sketch book, haven finish colouring the characters action for front cover.. total shitness today XD

once i reach school at 9.. start work until 6 in the evening.. total gan jiong , running, walking far distance, sweating, colouring, transfering.... gosh, FUN!!! this is the excitement i want~ hahaha but all these come along with a bad news la.. will kena deduct marks lo.. cuz submit late. hahahahah.. but sastisfied!!! really! :D

annyway, had animation lab test 2 days ago, waliao.. so tough, already die. after finish lab test, i think there is 20 of us rushing to the valentine ville?? at bangsar village. NONE of us know where the heck was that place. we have to go there to do our assignment and go according to the time slot teacher gave us.. ALL of us are late. hahaha.. left 10 more mins to measure all frames and painting. damn fast. teacher even count down for us to leave the room =.=

After that went for mcD, after a whole day of stressing animation and lost direction of places, 3 cups of refill at mcD! LOL the best part of the day is..!!! we were waiting for the bus. there comes a bus that is pack with tons of ppl. totally sardin that time.. impossible we can get. thus we plan to walk to the lrt station which will talk about 1 hour they say? hahahha.. while we walk, snap picture pula... then then THEN!!! a bus pass by! LOL we are chasing the bus! damn funny la that scene... all of us.. almost 13 ppl? hahahaz.. totally memorable.

well, this is the life i love. je' taime!!!

p/s sorry for the long post :P

Monday, August 2, 2010

Se7en ft T.O.P!!! Digital bounce

Oh god~~ been listen this song for like a week? Se7en's new album- Digital bounce. Looking forward to its official mv.. but before that, live!! oh god~~ handsome, cool, sezy, killing!!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR! XD Check it out peeps!

paiseh neh.. i think i crazy jor~ screams****!!! XD
how come i never have this kind of passion on studies? hahaz
but this sure is a motivation to keep me awake~~ love love love~~
hope you guys love it too~