Tuesday, December 13, 2011

really DAMN la!!!

aaaaaaaarrrggghh beh tahan la!!! just because i din't join lunch with you guys then need say until like that. bad luck huh? lets see how to handle it if something unfortunate happen to me. gonna put the blame on me again? saying i'm the one who don't care?! its my own fault for not joining you guys for lunch? har?! har ?!

every little things also say... i make something for my friend also need to say. say i stupid for spending time doing something where my friends never did any for me. wth la?! ppl do what you know meh... i do what bothers you so much meh?! so jealous that i not only make it for you and going to make one for my friend?

just because when you're leaving and you saw me doing it. and you assume the reason i don't want to go lunch is because i want to stay home and prioritize the thing i'm doing? wth la?!!??! we really have communication problem. feng shui change of luck? i don't think so lo... more like pissing everyone off. DAMN

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

time flies

huhuhu~ fyp finally submited yesterday. really rushed. days before submission i somemore dare to go out. really zhi ji na lai sui. fail then really my own fault le. but i really did try my best and do it. din't sleep much, stressing whether i can make it in time, get a slight fever, terrible headache and dang, period came =.= mom is the best, she fetch me to school even tho is terribly sick. haihz...been so busy, i din't even realise my bday is just around the corner. dad and mom keep asking me what i want to do. i never thought that this will one day become a stressful question =.=

time really flies so fast eh? another 1 more semester then that's the end of the university life journey. ah~ how i wish i could have more happy memories instead of the bad one's. or i'm taking the good memories for granted? XD should have appreciated it more than ever.. aah~~ so sienz ah~ so lazy to move my butt. fetched sis to monorail station and mom to see doctor. dashed red light, totally useless =.= din't concentrate and just dashed =A= but really scare me to hell and i break in the middle of no where. side parking afterwards, alone! totally fail la.. 10 mins to park? siao =.=

i guess today is not my day eh? so sienz.. so sienz... maybe tomorrow i should go out san san xin, buy some things, and be grateful i have such a great family and friends.. yea i guess that's the best i can do. LOL who am i kidding man. i'm yi mo-ing lo~ XDDDDD

Friday, December 2, 2011

dragged down

marks dragged down,
feeling dragged down,
motivation dragged down,
creativity dragged down,
time dragged down,

me. dragged down.