Thursday, September 24, 2009

what what WHAT

Finished my last paper XD the paper was! omg! i don't know how to do =.= hopefully my assignment marks can at least let me pass la... went to genting few hours after exam... rent an apartment for Rm380 which is only Rm120 on normal days.. hate holiday season lar..

bla bla blaaaaaa....

bbblaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa * a lot of activity lar.. lazy to write ah*

then time to go home.. we brought the bus ticket earlier but who knows when we get on the bus a gang of old people taken our place... haihzzzz... can't be asking them " hey, thats MY place" so most of us have to stand the whole way back home.. from genting to titiwangsa!!! DAMN TIRED! actually thought of sleeping in the bus... haihzzz.... body aching all over now... catch a cold... spend i think Rm100 over there.... Tomorrow going to my primary friend's Hari raya open house.. then saturday got bbq birthday party.. tired lar.. really tired... haihzzzzzzzzzz somemore need to do planning for driving lessons.. Can i don't take the exam!?! shouldn't sleep withmy hair wet *

Love the song by fort minor- remember the name~ A hundred percent reason to remember the name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

BYE... Take care everyone... those who are going to have their last exam, GAMBATEH!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheers everyone =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breakfast by sis

Studied the whole night for Colour Studies exam today.. lolz.. ok lar.. slacking here and there... youtube, fb, dl songs XD but thanks to ku po lor~ she accompany me the whole morning... making sure i am awake XD give me siwon and hankyung youtube links XD (the clips keeps me awake lor!) today is my turn to accompany her to study pula...XD Studied until 6am, my shoulders start to hurt already >.< time to bed lu~~~ once i poop on the bed straight away ZzZzzzz... then a msg came in, from florida... hahaz...she ask whether i'm sleeping and remind me to set my alarm clock XD thanks flo! keke...My sis prepare breakfast!!! hehe.. she prepare for all of us... It contain cherry tomatoes, carrot, bun, mushroom sausage and egg mayo potatoe salad XD... yum yum~~ wake up in the morning about 10am then get to eat ai xing bian dang adi XD wahhhhhh...... yum yum~~~^^

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weirdo XD


Saturday, September 12, 2009



I don't know why I just suddenly remember of this camera.. godness! i wanted this camera so so so so so so long time ago.. since i was a kid! don't you think its cool?! Some of you might be wondering what the heck is that.. but hey! i guess you see one of these on TV before...It prints out the photo right immediately after you snap them!

ITS like this~ Isn't it CUTE?!!??!! <3
I was searching in ebay but can't find any nice once... this is really nice lor..its a Polaroid SX70! the colour, silver plus brown~~ somemore when its fold down it is convenient to bring around~ godness~ i want I want I WANT~!!! *Day dreaming~~* but hey! if any of you saw this kind of cameras on sale, let me know!!! LET ME KNOW!!!

*Continue day dreaming~~~~~*

Check out the link :

Thursday, September 10, 2009


the " special" day of 090909 continues with problem printing my assignments and one worst thing!! they ask me to bring my old passport.. which is like 16 years ago!!! when i was 3 years old.. crazy de.. haihz.. went home and take and head back to setapak.. HAIHZ! who cares.. end liao lar..

talk about TODAY.. rushed the whole night for the finishing slides and book cover.. finally get to settle down a bit..enough of the rushing here and there to print.. tomorrow morning i just have to go collect my book and insert a cd into it.. edit my hanging mobile, snap a photo post at facebook and tag my tutor.. then i'm done... really... wow... can't wait for tomorrow to come... ^^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a "special" nice day of 090909

woke up 6.30am in the morning.. fetch all my siblings to school and head to setapak to do passport.. in the process, my ic cannot be read.. something wrong with the cip.. have to do and get a temporary one to register the passport at the moment.. at the same time renew my ic lar.. aiyor!!! my hair so messy.. and the photo taken for my ic is TERRIBLE!! =.= nvm nvm.. so i take the temporary ic and proceed with my passport.. godness!!! system lag! can't retrieve my ic info.. so can't make passport.. waited for one and a half hour. cannot tahan adi.. go home.. they say they will contact when the connection is stable...

went to public back to make my own individual account.. cuz before this my acc is merge with my mom's... godness!!! cannot open any account with a temporary ic.. @.@ TODAY IS SO NOT MY DAY!!! my ic cannot be read... temporary ic also cannot be trace... waliao.. i'm an unidentified person for 3 hours! XD kindna cool actually.. hahahaz

Besides that mom say there is something wrong with my hanging mobile.. the font size, the shape.. its so much smaller than the previous one..and my packaging design, it has lines on it!!! (cuz i forget to delete the lines before i print) aiyorrrrr.... so i edit edit edit.. later have to go and print again.. which will cost about RM15.50... add with the previous one.. RM22.80, RM28.50, about RM7 for the up of RM 86.80!!!!!!! OMGAWD!!! money gone =.= GONE!!! i can eat so many things with this money...and i always go to setapak to print.. imagine if i add the petrol money.. @.@ and this is only for ONE assignment... felt so bad for using so much of my parents money on these... gonna figure out a way to make money... maybe make custom earings and sell on web? i'm serious!! wait till i finish my finals then i'll start planning for it... XD hope that my dream come true lar >.<

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Packaging Design

Rushed for nothing


i delete my illustrator because it appears to have some problem.. but after i delete i can't seem to reinstall.. shit! so i went all the way to pj to get the cd from john's sister and at the same time ask her to teach me some tools to do my assignment. mom wasn't happy about this... haihzz.. she waited for 1 and a half hour in the car...well, i rush rush rush until morning 4.30am.. can't stand it anymore.. so i nap at the sofa until 8.30am!!! godness... i keep slapping my face when i wake up... godness... plus there are prayers at my house today.. mom ask can i help her out.. i straight away say NO.. felt really sory right now...

i feel even bad when she have to take me all the way to wangsa maju so that i can priny my packaging design and hanging mobile.. she waited for an hour and have to jam all the way to school... really stressed her up... haihz... i actually plan to go kampar this week.. but i guess i just have to cancel the trip and stay home to do somethings that i have left out for a very long time, helping mom with the chores... =.=

haihz.. rushed to school but i'm late... teacher already packed up because not many ppl show up at lecture... some of my friends did not present too.. haihz... really rushed for nothing... well, nvm lar... now got more time to prepare XD at least until tomorrow =X but hey! i went to penny's class where they have this.. award nomination for every member of the class.. XD penny get the CUTEST GIRL AWARD XD congrads! XD very very nice lar see they all having so much fun... so united.. so supportive... hahaz.. it makes me think of bestarians~ miss those days~ reach home about 8+, had dinner, update blog, going to sleep XD aldo i don't feel sleepy, i just waana sleep XD

CHOWZ! take care everyone!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Dad have been around for the past week and many activities going on.. shopping, visiting, eating, bbq~ all sorts of fun stuff and joy we had when dad is around.. went ipoh on friday right after my class and only back by saturday afternoon. gosh.. i tot i could give myself a day off and stay away from assignments.. but! i guess i took things for granted =.= all the assignments piled up.. its not like i ignored my assignment and play play whole day long with my family.. there are a few days that i have to stay up late at night to finish up the scamps and mock ups.

Stayed up whole night long and manage to finish a t shirt design(took me 4 hours to finish! ), newsletter, and??? damn i always do things half past six... i've printed out my 12R photographs and suppose to mount it with A2 mounting boards. who knows, i'm out of stock.. shit lar.. forgotten that i've used a few A1 size mounting board for my drawing assignment.. there goes one thing incomplete and impossible to complete because there is no stationary that opens at 8am!!! well, just to show a bit of sincerity, i mounted it with box board (white colour boards). now comes the worst thing.. cocoa told me something at msn asking me NOT TO forget to burn the photos into the cd.. it was like 4am?

Kindna blurr that time... so i misunderstand the word 'photo' as in the newsletter photo.. hell i did insert the photos into the advertising cd... but what she meant was 'all PHOTOGRAPHY assignments PHOTO' SHIT!!!! I only knew it when i saw everyone holding a blink blink cd~~ passing up..ARGH!!! so depress.. don't know what to do.. wanted to ask mom to get the photos burn for me but its impossible cuz she's not very sure which photo i submitted! Tears.. gosh.... i think this is the 1st time i cry in Pj Utar.. shit lar.. cry until... haihz.. but luckily Angelin was there.. she helped me ask teacher whether i can submit later... cuz at that very moment i felt total failure and don't feel like submitting any of my assignments... thanks to Angelin lo~ she bring me back to the bright side.. but thats not enough!! i still wanna cry! i went to the washroom and cry out loud XD luckily no one in there =X plus i lost my red mario mushroom (sis gave it to me yesterday) can't believe it! i actually being motivated by the mushroom~(which make me stay awake whole night long) and also the polo T that i'm wearing today is from my dad.. i tot that with these~ the blessing from my family, i least... hand up my assignments =.= silly huh? (p/s i found my mario.. its inmy mom's car =X) ohyar thanks to cocoa too.. she arh... see my mood like that still wanna show me photos that she took when she went to countdown..hahaz... still, she cheered me up ^^

what to do? things already happen then have to solve it =.= hate solving! (shh...=X) borrowed cocoa umbrella and went to section 17 to buy 6 A2 mounting board to remount my photos. hand it up and rush back home... mom picked me up at titiwangsa and straight we go to wangsa maju to print my newsletter.. went carrefour for lunch and head back home to burn my photography cd..i actually fall asleep for 15 mins in the car on the way back home... gosh.. it was so so so NICE! like i've been sleeping for hours! but when i reach home i feel like crying pula.. don't wanna go back to school XD but no choice, have to submit my assignments and then go to friends house to do final t shirt design... tomorrow present arh! don't know what crap with come out.. haihz... so i'll be at pj until 10pm tonight.. din't wanna stay over at friends house because i have another assignment to rush! @.@ tomorrow have to go print somemore.. wanna faint liao @.@ haihz....

Anyway, i actually submitted my assignments for TODAY and was thinking about having dinner with evelyn later? hmmm.... hungry ~.~

*sorry that i type so long.. hahaz... JY everyone! *