Monday, February 28, 2011

sun will set

Sunday, February 27, 2011


^^ felt happy today. sometimes there are things you're not satisfied of, you under grade it. but to others, if you put in all your heart, they are one of the kind. ^^ I'm so glad when i saw my best friend using the soft toy i made her, which i tot it was ugly T.T really touched.

life's been great this weekend. din't even touch any assignment. this is nice.. very nice... so nice that i don't feel like going to school tomorrow. i start to fear..... my friend say "我不哭!就算会迷路!" but i say " i will cry! if i'm mentally lost" ...

and yea, i'm kindna lost lo XD

aaah~ sometimes i don't know what to do to make things better.

love ya babe~ don't cry k~ *heart *

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning was a dissapointed morning. i wanted to go to the land behind my house to snap photo. cuz thier grass grow damn high! taller than a person! XD but dad knock at my door earlier in the morning, telling me that there are people cutting the grass that instant! waliao. heart break, disappointed, regret that i did not put my actions fast enough. thus, this gave me a urge to take action fast! 1 more week till internship deadline. if i can't get any company to accept me by then, i'm doom. LOL

Snapped photo to be send in resume today. hahaha.. snap until so shuang, wear green shirts and snap XD kindna ugly. not really photogenic, should practice more wakaka XD played with photoshop, not doing my assignments, oh yeaaah already doomed. XD

i saw someone post at fb. people who have low memory are happier? haha kindna true i guess. you will tend to forget sad things fast, don't keep it in heart, life have to move on dude! XD

cheers, my friends ^^ love ya!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


its been a while since i blogged. hmm.... everyone is busy rushing assignments and finding for internship. in this short week, many things happen? no? yes? i don't know? say stress, like no stress. say no stress, like very stress. got a hair cut. short. life so short. so sienz. waliao. really sienz =.=

one day people have to grow up. ya i know. but why? growing up doesn't mean you have to change to become realistic. doesn't mean you have to be like the adults.. thats too much sorrow to bear T.T changes can be good, change to improve, change to inspire, change to live life better. don't reduce the happiness, don't break the connections, don't erase your memory even thought you need more space to store more things in your life.

so emotional right now. haha. life's so pathetic sometimes.