Friday, April 27, 2012

gave in

I'm not sure whether its been a long time since i have sat for an exam or what. today's exam on artlaw and cyberlaw really gives be great tremble. Can't stop trembling during the exam, mind gone blank, the brain doesn't link to my hand. Rewrite the whole section a, end up not enough time to complete section b. dead meat or what? the worst will be what i've read did not come out, instead that pass year question that i abandoned, both came out in this freaking essay part. shit dao~ haihz. i give up.

naaah. i gave up until i've reach HOME only. my real home, the comfy of my home, the smell, the sunlight, the air, omg, i missed it so much. haihz, seldom go back there anymore, i guess there is not much chances in the future to do so. maybe i should take the effort to back more often. hmm.. just for the fresh air but not to pack my huge junk pile of stuffs XD

anyways, good things and bad things always balance i suppose? aldo i feel so bad about my exam, i get to enjoy a good nap at home, found my lost voucher, drank starbucks brought by dad, and gonna have cake later for xin's bday! yay~~~ XD sweet things really melt my heart but never melt my fats LOL cake cake cake, been looking forward to it since yesterday!!! rawr~ bring it to meeee~~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

overwhelming insecurity

some things in life are so simply. a smile. a little phrase. a picture.
life is so complicated. and to that, simplicity itself could bring great things.
i don't need jewelry. i don't need high end places. i don't need fame.

all the want is-simplicity.

a paper.
a pen.
a life.

love is simple. A simple love.

haihz. damn emo today laaaaaaaaa.. ki siao adi

Friday, April 20, 2012


I have to say, i love timeline! lol~~~

scrolling scrolling ~ omg~ those memories..
why can't things be like last time?
naive nyaa~~
happy nyaa~~
just say and do whatever i like~
and still be liked for it XD

feel like slapping myself for the person i am now. *BIG TIGHT SLAP*
even so, things will never go back to where it used to be.


Friday, April 13, 2012


Caption: Pic 1-Sleeping soundly
Pic 2 -huh? what?
Pic 3- OMG!!!
Pic 4-I'm so dead~

nice camera effects from google-webcam toy installed by coco liew XDDD
hahahahahahhahaha, i look ridiculous 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

no no no

I've notice that whenever i write a list of things or schedule my time to do something, it will never be done! instead, not planning anything at all, just follow the flow of time, things will eventually get done. aiks. wae?! hahaha

anyway, i suddenly tot that if i can't write a list that i want to do, i might as well write a list of things i don't want to do?

things NOT to do

- turn into a biatch that has no looks and no brains
- becoming a disgraceful daughter and sister
- destroy my future like a broken compass
-  have too much sleeping habits
- over spending shopaholic
- letting myself down

fingers crossed XD