Thursday, September 16, 2010


Monday, September 13, 2010


woohoo! step up was totally cool man! awesome! XD love the water and the lights XD dad ask why i din't bring the kids to watch too.. hahahaz... well, after animation exam.. knowing that i'll lost 40% of the marks because wrote the wrong answer in the essay session. guilt turn into pleasure?! go wtch movie pula... but really nice ler.. no regrets! but after step up is resident evil.. maybe i don't have enough sleep or its been a long time since i watch movie. headache and sleppy @.@ when watching resident evil.. the only thing i keep thinking of. "OH! BEHIND!" hahahaz.... zombies attacking from behind.. but okay la the movie... maybe i'm too sleepy din't really concentrate XD

the line was so fast yesterday! downloaded step up 3 soundtracks!! and finish downloading notting hill :D hohoho~ downloading more stuff lately aiks... time to freshen up and study! tomorrow exam! gonna be crazy again :D

all the best everyone! you're B-FABB !!! i think it means be fabulous XD

Saturday, September 11, 2010

back to hometown~

fuyoh!!!! i'm energetic? LOL hmmmm what happen i forget adi... ohyar... submited all assignment on wednesday! got a blister on my leg aiks... came home... thursday went badminton with yanny and her cousins.. hahaz fun~! but body aching like hell after that. mom say : young lady, see how unfit you are. LOL!

went to ipoh on friday afternoon.. waaaaaaa~ shuang~ hahahaz went dinner la.. here there la... then er brought latern~ woohoo~~~ candles, music, bubbles, fruit~ waaaaa.... dad ask us to sleep early (12am) because we have to go home on 6am this morning. LOL... well, others did went to sleep but not me and my sis XD we went downstairs and peep, saw my grandparents still awake! chit chat for an hour, 2am adi! they are dosing off adi z zzz z zzzz

although it seems like very little activity going on, but really shuang la get to visit them XD they say they will come and visit us next month! can't wait leh.... its been ages since they come to kl XD

k la.. time to study le... if not tomorrow sure gonna cry XD chowz! all the best everyone!! jyjy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

submited 3 assignments yesterday.. 2 more to go!!!!! but very lazy to do adi.. slept for 14 hours last night, wakinu p seeing tv, clean up a little, cook lunch =.= gosh.. i totally make a mess... accidently pour the sugar all over because the cap is not close nicely.. haih T.T

surfing through fb saw some old photos, looking back to my life, there are good and bad time, i feel more useful last time.. aldo i got more skills now XD it was more naif, more relax during secondary time. oh how i wish to cut a stylish hair style again. that stupid mushroom head i have during form 4 really gave me a great laugh XD miss the weight i used to have last time. now i'm such a fatty bom bom. alamak~~

i guess i'm growing old eh? all the senses getting inactive adi.. wuwu~
what to do? life so tough.

a phrase i always use long time ago- Life's beautiful
now i wonder if its really beautiful . hahahahahahhahahahahhaz

let dummy continue be dummy ba~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have poladroid?!

yea right i have poladroid, if i have one i'll be crazy in love! XD hahahahz then where did all these poladroid come from? @.@ from here!

its a software that produce poladroid picture by just using normal photos. found it at the "we love colour" page.. they are having a poladroid competition.... hmm i want to join but... nahh..... i can only play for fun XD

check out the competition at

*some poladroids made by using the software..

argh~ time to go back to assignment aiks aiks... more than 24 hours not sleeping, then sleeping for 10 hours. this is such bad news wu wu T.T