Sunday, May 31, 2009

humiliating, upset, syok!

what a title XD anyways this is the story. I went for a wedding dinner which i don't really plan to go at the first place.. thanks to my sister michelle whom last minute decided to go on a trip to Johor, i have to follow my mom to this wedding dinner. since i have total no interest in going to this wedding dinner (except for the food they serve) i din't really prepare myself.. attire i mean =_= i wear very casual and just went for the dinner.. hahaz.. a black T and a black pants plus a grey scarlet.. but when i reach there! OMG! its at Sime Darby convention centre and all the girls wear dress! i was like...ok =____= i should have wear my dress too but to think about it, i can't fit into the dress anymore!!! As usual families sit at the same table.. all my aunty seems to be... er... ignoring me?! just because i'm the only kid at the table!? what the heck! well, who cares... to the syok part now! Wine! totally unexpected.. i drank about 6-8 glasses and don't feel anything! used to it i guess.. but when we reach till the end of the wedding dinner.. Gosh! dizzy, hot, red, crazy! i started singing! i'm drunk hahahahhahaz... but not very serious..mild only XD my mom scolded me for drinking more than her =_= my aunty say like father like daughter! cuz my dad drinks well too XD

Tomorrow will be the first day of my degree already.. hope that everything goes well and i get to meet some new friends XD have to study hard lor! GAMBATEH EVERYONE! JIA YOU JIA YOU!!! XD

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random feeling

Its been quite some time already... if i have to count will be a year and a month? i don't even notice that time flies so fast... Many things in life have change... i have this stupid hair style, growing fatter... gosh! I don't even know what am i typing right now... Just found out lately that there is this someone who deleted all the past memories... she deleted her blogs, friendster, mails i assume too? its a good thing too..erasing everything...i wish i could do it too... i've been kindna unfair towards her in many ways... i get mad easily at her...purposely find fault with her.. i just can't control myself...i guess i'm still blaming her for letting me go... blaming her for leaving me alone... although it seems like i'm the one leaving her when she needs all support to be a stronger person in life... well, what can we do when things come to this point? just wish i could find someone to rely on... but no matter how good that person is.. it will never replace my best friends place... its just a title... what for? i can never help her in her life anymore.. i do not mean anything to her... but she once told me that i'm one of her guardian angels... who wish to protect her and give the best blessings in eerything in life... the only thing i want her to be is happy...but i don't seem to give her any..hahaz... pathetic huh? this is life... this is me and her.. this is C&T

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bored +_+

Been kindna bored after dad left again.. i went and do something to entertain myself... drawing? i draw a big rainbow and stick it on the fridge XD so that everytime we pass by we will SMILE =) hehe^^ love that rainbow! its so much better than my brother's =X what to do he is just 8 years old XDDD besides that i brought a seed that have words on it? i guess most of the people know about this seed... well, to think about it the first time i see this kind of seed is when we have a PSS trip to Bukit Tinggi XD miss those time really >.< burried it seed into the this is how it looks like >>>>

and guess what am i drinking now? MUAHAHAHAHHA LIQUEUR~~~ ok...there is two liqueur here... one is bailey's and another is alexandra...i personally likes the bailey more...cuz its creamer and sweet~ XD where else the alexandra's is kindna strong in liqueur and doesn't taste as sweet as bailey's ='( i should have take the bailey instead of the alexandra...haihzz.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Under the rain! LOVE IT

Today's weather was like so...HOT! when it reacah about 3pm we decide to go wash the fish we are taking out all the water and fishes...we took our sweeeet time... when digging till the bottom of the pond where all the fish are out and start brushing the pond... RAIN POURS!!! hahahahz..start panic and brush fast! have a few bruises on my hand adi..hahaz....finish up the job and went for a hot bath and cntinue with the hot chocolate XD woo hoo~~ siblings helped me out withthe pond of cuz XD team work!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back to usual

Back in Kl- Things have been back to usual where every member in the family is home... siblings going to school early in the and mom and me having breakfast together reading newspaper..i can't stand but to smile everytime XD Mother's day was kindna rush and busy...parents came up to ipoh and we ordered a secret recipe mango cake.. celebrating for 3 mothers: my grandma, mom and my aunt... after celebration we head back home to for a some gardening and we went for dinner...after dinner mom was very tired can't celebrate second round she went upstairs to sleep...we din't even wish her happy mother's day! =_= and i have to teach my bro for his exam so don't have much time to i just ask my bro to study which chapter and i start searching for recipes..can't find where the heck my mom put her recipe book!!! so i went online to search... i baked = chocolate chip muffins... i took about an hour and a half to finish the whole then its already 12+ so we decorate the muffins 8 muffins in a small round plate and on the muffin we put a banner written : We love you mom, Happy Mother's Day.. besides that we also made another plate for dad :We love you dad ! XD every mother's or father's day we kindna celebrate for both de... and since my dad is back everything is back to normal- strict... i have to wake up at least the latest 9am =_= cruel larrr.... but not bad lar..i woke up at 9.15am hehe^^ have to do some research on taking up driving lessons... maybe will pay a visit to pj campus to get more info about my course... ohyar...and have to lose some weight...everyone is complaining =_= haih haih don't even let me have a thinny winny bite of the butter cake! but still i eat XD all for my own good...have to slim down!!! JYJY to myself! Happy holidays to all XD and to those who don't have holidays, Have a nice day! =_= what am i crapping...byebye byebye

here is the pic of the muffins

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gonna miss you guys T.T

Yesterday night was the last night we spend time together...its kindna like a farewell party..we went sing k at 6pm till 8pm after those guys have their management exams..why did we end up going k at the 1st place you might wonder? its because that zh don't know how to do his management and he is super sad..ok..another reason will be this will be the last time we sing k together...we end up in a small room =_= nvm..get us closer to each other...zh choose 2 very touching song to end this sing k session.. 分享(Share) and 朋友(Friends). Gosh...totally touch...but zh no voice to sing adi that time...i guess he wanted to cry already... XD and he was trying to put the blame on me say i wanna cry adi =_=

NExt! we done a very crazy thing...cycle to tesco! that time was already 8pm plus dark and the road is like so bumpy and sandy and slanting! so dangerous...but luckily we made it there safe and sound...we went to eat dinner at the food court and went into the supermarket after that...suddenly this farewell party idea came each of us contribute something into this farewell party..Zh brough his barli lemon( 1st time everyone of us drink it..he keep on recommend it ), Kim xiong contribute his kacang potong, Sharon buy chocolate biscuit , kk buy flour and i buy sweets...Ohyar! Sharon also brought a cake for Zh and me XD after that we planning to cycle back home using the Utar road..but who knows its close early on the sundays thus we have to cycle back at the sandy road =_= so difficult to cycle..anyways...after that we out our things at zh's house and we went back home..outside of our house there comes another idea! (wonder how come we have so many ideas today) zh teach kk to ride motorbike! and kk motorbike zh and sharon around the westlake..XD cool i get it videotapped! after that had a chat with jeff and calvin before heading to zh house for the party...rain quite heavily that time =_=

Farewell party! firsty we eat kacang potong, barli lemon and chocolate biscuits...after that there comes the cake and all of us snap pictures with it XD thanks to Sharon that we have so many pictures XD and we played the cream of the cake too! hahahz...Sharon's hair kena a lot of cream...and Zh have cream behind his ears and kk have cream attack by zh from behind XD we wash our face and went downstairs to continue our next event - Sweets in flour and we have to use out mouth to pick the sweets up...we can't play it in the house so we went outside to play...and that clumsy zh went and knock into one of the bikes and the whole box of flour fall on to the ground =_= smart we pick the flour up and up it into the box and there are left over some dirty flours on the floor...he picked it up...and *throw towards kk* hahahz..then i pick up and throw at zh..there starts the flour war! played until the whole head full with old man and old woman only XD after that we went for some cleaning up...water!!! start playing water and cleaning the floor at the same time...tired lar that time =_= wanna sleep after playing all and cleaning up the place we head back home..zh accompany us under the rain...we went to buy a hot coffee drink and 3 of us share it..seldom see zh share drinks with other people de leh...hahaz...after that we are suppose to go out for breakfast..we are on a compatetion that who sleeps 1st have to belanja breakfast...well...kindna tired adi lar after taking a cleo magazine...and went to sleep =_=zzzzz totally can't wake up exhausted..been out since morning...accompany penny to old town to have breakfast...then all those check out thingy , sing k, and tesco...tired tired tired...but! really enjoyed it! this is really gonna be the last time...haihz....wish all the best to everyone!! stay happy always lor! checked out this packing my stuff to go home adi..all the best to everyone~ really gonna miss everyone here... Kampar!!! I Love you!! but hate you at the same time ay all lar =_= hahaz...anyway all these are apart of life...thanks everyone! sob sob! bye kampar...byebye