Monday, July 25, 2011

can't stop the foood~ XD

oh yeaaaah~ McD- KFC- Dominos -McD all in 3 days in a row.. omg =.=
all those food luring me in... i love them too much to resist them...

went to melacca for company event... don't know what crime prevention thingy de... hahahhaa.. went to jonker street! 'baba' treat us very good le... he will definitely be a very good father ^^aah~ it was a awesome day but really tiring T.T well, did get closer with the colleagues XD

totally forgotten about not speaking... while waiting for the monorail (it was delayed) i was thinking.... what is the right thing to do? voice out- opinion not accepted. shut and keep it to yourself- ppl thinks you're arrogant. so stress neh....... haihz what kind of stage of life i'm going through....

i'm gonna hug kiko to sleep.... how good if it is warm.... kiko~T.T *heart*

to myself: jyjyjy!!! need to slim down! have some faith!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

worth the pain XD

saturday morning went to ampang to do wall mural. thanks to reechard and his teddy friend... we volunteer go there play XD draw the wall, paint it, up and down- tired like hell XDDD the boss treat us very good le...belanja us egg tart and 100 plus XD somemore got allowance ^^ a small small appreciation from him XD

sunday morning go to dataran merdeka to run- olympic run by McD... hahahaha so long din't meet them le~~ everyone looks quite fine de XD aldo life is quite hectic for all of us- for assignments or internships XD oohoho~~ get lots of goodie bags~ chewing gum banyak banyak ~ eat until mouth also numb XD

went swimming after the run. waliao~~ leg cramp XD 1st time.. omg the pain just won't go away T.T pain whole afternoon le... aiks... feeling better now XD ooooooooh yeaaaaa~ i'm darker now... become so so ..... gloomy =.= lol.... luckily i came out of the swimming pool earlier than my sister... wakakaka i'm the fairest now~ XD

to everyone, miss ya'all! fighting!!! 1 more month to go!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

speak + filter + impression

oh yeaa... i get a lecture from mom this morning... its regarding something i said during work place. my boss is having a party on a weekday after work for his newborn baby~ congrats boss! XD after work, i actually told the secretary to ask to boss to give us an offday so that we can be there earlier LOL it was merely a joke.. but when i tell this to my mom... oh noooooooooooooo...... kena la gao gao... XD

she said i have to speak properly. do not ever say the do not say things. example in workplace, not suppose to ask for a offday or a paid raise. she said i need to filter what i say everything.. cuz i don't think before i speak, i just speak whatever i want. regardless whether its stupid or smart =A= everything we say will leave an impression on others. thus, yea... i think i need to keep my mouth shut.

A pat on my head at the end of the intense conversation, put myself in ease ^^ ok la.. time to change this attitude of mine. i wonder if it will change who i really am.. will it be for the better or i will be less happier.

friends, GAMBATEH!!!! 1 and a half months to go!!!! XD

Saturday, July 2, 2011

internsyoook ~XD

How to put this in words... already 1 and a half month internship.. been through so much... laugh laugh laugh.. everyday laugh.... fight ah.... emo ah..... stress ah....sienz ah.... at the end also feel so funny XDDD really crazy!!! *really deep down inside, i want to say : really grateful we 4 intern together!!! * 万岁 !!!!