Wednesday, December 22, 2010

real world

hmmm........ 20 years old adi.. i did say i want to be a better person. learn more things.. and yeah.. now the opportunity has came and i want to run away aaaah!!!! last minute went to an interview and got a job, the pay is low and the office is way to far to go. want to give up but this is really a good chance to learn things! scared of being bullied, scared of responsibility, scared of the real world. suppose to start work today, but i just can't do it. so i asked to work tomorrow because i need to settle down and get some things done before i go work and suffer myself to dead =X

Happy Tang yuan jie everyone~~ XD i sure is fun making tang yuan together with family ^^ at least getting my mind of the nervousness of going to work =X was having a real headache deciding whether to work last night. painful, stressful. thanks to my friends, making me feel that i'm making the decision to learn! doing something for my own sake.. but =X aaaarghhh~ a lot trouble will be given to my parents cuz they will have to travel far to fetch me around.. i must work hard! learn more! and start taking my own public transport (at least after a week of working XP)

tomorrow will be my 1st day le... real world, i'm so not ready. =.=

wish me luck :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

just for fun

sad song . sad mood . sad pain . sad person

presents :

hahahz~ ugliness in everything... ^^ including my art XD

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I suck at cooking =.=

another 2 hours gonna exam le la!!!

decide to have brunch before going to school. cooked wan tan mee... yea... it sucks like hell =.= mee too soft, sauce not nice... cooked 2 buns of mee and sis don't want to eat. what is all these UNNECESSARY STRESS??!!!!! =.= =.= =.= =.= =.= =.= =.= ok.. i admit, i suck at cooking =.=

Saturday, December 11, 2010

turned 20!

totally like WOW! i'm 20 XD suddenly feel that i haven't achieve anything in my life =.= 20 years of living in this world and what have i done?! hmm..... should start planning adi XD

went out with lulu 2 days before my birthday~ wahh.. the excitement and crapping and teasing.. its really been a long time since i hang out with her.. but 11 hours of hang out? omggg we sienz dao don't know like what adi... growing fungus =.= cuz too tired adi.... but never the less... had lots of fun... but i won't wanna hang out like this again LOL ohyar... another reason why we hang out 11 hours is because of the heavy rain!!!!!!!!!! raining so heavily that her parents were stuck in a jam .... hahaha and my house flooded XD oh god~ what a day~

well, on my birthday i had a bbq at home.. invited a few of my college friends and my primary friends over XD hmm... its kindna different from inviting my secondary friend tho... XD ohoh!! serene brought me a tortoise!!! omg~~ love it~ XD and i got a big bang folder from shin and coco XD sukaa~~ XD hmm.. they keep saying my bbq food looks very weird.... all kind of weird food in my house.. hahahahha... the atmosphere is kind of weird last night but i hope you guys did enjoy le.. T.T so sorry ya my birthday is not very enjoyable~ but i really appreciate you guys for coming XD thanks for all the present and wishes! ohoho~~~ and for wearing my favorite color green~~!!!! ohohoo~~~ love you guys so much ^^

I receive present from my parents too XD mascara! hahahahaha totally unexpected~ dad say each year he will give me something else to collect.. soon i will have the whole set LOL and the greatest present i get? a box.. a box full with love! made by all my siblings... ^^ really really beauty.. they modify a mooncake box into a colourful box... there is a 3d cake in the box with a folded heart shape.. wishes at the every corner of the box.. so many stickers... presetm address, ribbons~ ^^ love it very very much~ kekeke....

hmm.. when i start receiving sms wishes at my phone.. i'm so touched... i suddenly remember all those kindness, pureness, sincerity in wishes...i miss myself =.= penny called and sang me a birthday song too~ XD all these makes me teary and yea~ i was lost and now i want to find back myself? XD lame? LOL i've been quite a bad girl this year.. want to let go of everything bad and adapt more goodness XD

ohoho~~ birthday wish from a girl who just turned 20? i wish i could be a better person ^^

thanks for everything ya!!! all the best in finals!!!!! love you~ XD

Sunday, December 5, 2010


assignments finally over! feel relax~ sleep a lot but still feel tired.. wakakak... yesterday morning went time swuare with my family... found my phone missing.. i tot i lost it!!! but think think.. i din't even bring it out from the house XD it was on my desk... went to sleep with my phone.. at the night, changed my bedsheet... din't really care where was my phone i want to make a phone call.. wakakaka... search whole house.. then we suspect its in the washing machine.. wrap together with the bedsheet.. and yea... there it was.. like a dead fish XD what to do? rice spa lo...
massage my parents leg~ dad say if 10 years later we still massage thier leg, we're very good children ^^ but we kids was thinking of keeping money to buy ogawa 10 years later XD so funny

already past 12... time to sleep.. but xin saw something glowing flying around.. its a firefly!!! omg~~ we faster close all the windows and capture it XD so bad la~ XD woke my siblings and we look at it so curiously.. it look like a small cockroach with 2 florescent light at its butt XD here are some photos~ woohoo~ lucky us to get a chance to see the firefly, pity the firefly to fly in to the wrong house and kena capture by us XD of cuz we let it free after looking at it for like 15 mins XD