Sunday, May 29, 2011


after 1 week of intern i become a total panda =A= very very very very tired on saturday. can't keep my eyes open. i slept like almost the whole day!!! gathering was canceled, how long more can i stand this feeling aaarrrrghhh miss you guys too much T.T

Monday, May 23, 2011

1st day of intern

ohoho~~ 1st day of intern was very exciting??? I can't sleep at night, forget to save alarm clock, woke up by mom, knocked the door cuz too blurr adi, stomach ache, a cup of nice warm wheat~! ohohoho~~

nothing much actually... excited | sienz | fun | tired | This is Internship XD

Friday, May 20, 2011

nothing last forever

just saw san tian's post.. nothing last forever.. he said thats the catch.. bad things don't last forever too. yea babe!!!! nothing last forever!!!!!!!!!

i was gonna nag about my bad luck day yesterday... but nah... i guess its just a waste of my breath XD nothing last forever~ woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!!!!!

ohyar.. brought something i wanted to buy long ago.. loving it! XDDD

so happy right now... later sure la something sad will happen.. oh dang.. here goes the cycle... nothing last forever! ohohoo

i think i siao adi =A=

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


hahaha.. went for wesak... legs aching =A= but not aching once i reach home and had supper hahaha.... supper does cure :P mom, sis and i had inai drawings before the wesak walk starts XD ohoho~~~ i wanted to do it on my neck.. dad objects =.= but at the end don't know how come the ladies hand just end up on my neck.. and wala! coooooool~ dad even ask the lady to add stars for me XD love him la! XD

ah damn =.= gonna take amali this thurs... hope it won't bored me to dead... after that going out ohohohohooo... i'm sure it will be lots of fun XD last few days of freedom, i'm so gonna enjoy it XD

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The garden

o.= aiks... eye pain... its been a long time since i look into a viewfinder XD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh yeah!!!

ok la.. don't even know whether my username is still usable or not.. character highest also level 22 only.. cheh... but oh yeah!!! gonna play again! gotta know more friends... kao zai.. wakakka... opps! but my character is a guy =A= alamak~

not bad

hahaha new layout not bad... sem break, i guess needed a change; getting out from the dark and meeting the sunlight XD hmm... din't do anything productive today. sleep? heat? iron big pile of cloths? watermelon? pc? pc? pc? LOL maybe a lil guitar too XD

anyway, i heard from my dad that there is this crazy guy splashing acids at girls in kl area, so please be EXTRA CAREFUL!!! the guy is on a motorbike, so try to stay away from the road side =X what is this.. hahaha.... but this crazy guy travels from state to state. the last time i heard of him, he was in penang =.= damn crazy man =.=

hmm... nothing to do now. too free.. might as well do some exercise =A= i believe i will end up on the bed 15 mins later.... toddles!

Monday, May 9, 2011


finally exams are over.. the last exam was hard =A= really hard =A= like a stone XDDD Its been really a long time since i blogged. so many things had passed by. I guess i just have to remember it by heart, cuz i'm so lazy to write XD Senior say i have to keep fit =A= cuz i was totally overweight T.T omgggg... letting a senior tell me that.. i feel paiseh.... T.T maybe i should sleep more so that i can skip meals hahahaha XDDD

only have 2 weeks to relax and then its time for internship adi.. haihz.. gonna make good use of my time... haihz... but i slept at 8pm last night.. waking up at 5 this morning... hm... did i wasted some time there? sleeping time, no; family time; yeah T.T haihzzzzz.......

I shall.... i don't know.... i think i need to go blank..... *BLANK*

what an emo post lol....