Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cosplay in UTAR



Monday, January 12, 2009

Donating Blood!

Its been my dream all along to donate blood. and the day finally came! before this, my parent don't approve me to donate blood. but yet today when i call my mom and get approval from her. she say yes! waliao! so happy! its really cool that you are able to donate blood to help ppl. hahaz. this is my very first time. and my friend took some photos of me. Check it out!

Before they take my blood XD

The needle as thick as satay stick!

Needle in!

Blood flowing into the bag!

Me on the bed~ wow

Please donate blood to help the one who needs it.
Who knows one day, you're the one needing it.
Go to the nearest Clinic or Hospital to donate now!
Your Blood Can Save Lifes!


Cosplay become new look

My friend Kar yee is organising a cosplay, in UTAR! it sounds really interesting but yet very nervous and scared at the same time. This is my 1st time =_= anyways, Kar Yee, Angeline and I try out the costumes and camcording iy..hahaz.. i have a total make over. This is really really cool! but i'm not used to it =X being too stylish is one of my dreams. and thanks to them it came true..hahahz! these are a few of many photos we snap! enjoy!

The make over

Kar Yee: LOSER!
*sorry i dono what character is that.but its super cool!*

Angeline: MONEY $$$
*Lutsinar! *
Me trying to act cool

3 of us! COOL DUDEZ


Life in Utar Kampar this Semester had finally changed into something more colorful compare to the dull semester 1. Life have been fill with more outings, chatings and crapings. Besides that life also has become more cheerful and at times bittering too.. but these are all a part of my memories and its all a step forard in my life. Thanks to my friends who helped me when i'm blue and sharing the joy with me. Life won't be so colorful if it isn't you guys. Thanks for making me feel that i still have friends here! waliao..actually i tot i don't have any friends over here.can't really click with my unsocialise attitude =_= right? anyway, these are the few top person i wanted to say my gratitude to...THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Thanks Florence Ho for being there when i am blue.
Sorry that i always can't give any advise.
But if you have problem. Shoulder and ears sure booked for you!

Thanks Angeline Lee for letting me know that this world is realistic.
That we shouldn't be soft-hearted but yet we must be kind!
anway, you're the 1st person whom i see 18years old movie with =_=

Thanks Sharon who keeping up with me,
Aldo i always mess up the room and scold you during my sleep?
Wish you Happy ever after with KK lar! BE GENTLE!

Thanks Penny Mah for always Rocking cool!
YO YO! thanks for always encouranging me in everything.
Stay cool always dude!

Thanks Deborah Au Yong for sharing about ahem ahem.
Thanks for accompany me wear panjabi suite!
Wish ya all the best! JY!

Not last but not least, Thanks to my Yanny, Shi yan.
Thanks for always making sure this friendship last.

There are many ppl that i still want to thank. but too many to be listed down. but thank you guys! you filled up my life with many things! I wish you guys max to the max happiness! and always have a solution and guidiance in everything! muackz! LOVE YOU GUYS!