Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009!

hu! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Yesterday night came back home around 3am? lolz.. too tired to even brush mt teeth...sleeeeeep ZZzzzz noday 12pm only wake up..lolz...7 hours? more than enough ler...i wasted my time! anyway, here is about what happened last night- hours before new year comes~

Sharon went for Kar Kee's class party,Michelle went back hometown to celebrate, Florence go back Seremban to celebrate her sisters wedding? no lar..i think celebrate new year only, so end up me and Angeline hang out for that night. We went MyFc for dinner..cycle out under the rain. Thanks Ange for the rain cot XD Dinner at MyFc is really full~ full until we da pao for blacky to eat..hahaz... we head to Angeline'e house to see movie-American Pie, Beta house. LOLZ this is really really my 1st time see so many XXXXXXXXXXXX in a movie =_= grown up stuff...haih...experience i guess..18 years old guess its ok? hahaz.. next! we see the movie until 2 minutes before 12am. so we went out cycle cycle..many messages come in.. wah~~~ many count downs also~ hehe^^ we went cycle around, meet jannu and adnita, kar yee, and lots of unknown ppl who wishes us when we pass them by. its fun! the most fun part was we went to Evonne's room to scream HAPPY NEW YEAR! but we only yell once..actually i wanna yell somemore, but don't know how to say.. hahaz XD After that we see Ange's husband video clips and MV and live shows.. nice orh! then then got the skeleton? the bone thingy...really very real lor! pui fuk~ after that when Kar Yee come back we went for MM and i ordered ABC. Ange help me finish the beans, this time they really gave lots of Beans, don't know why =_= anyway, Kar Yee and Ange send me back home and ange yell HNY and i also yell HNY. you know what, got other ppl yell HNY after that too..hahaz...HNY to us! XP fun fun fun ...but exhausted ,really...

okok...i haven write what i had done in year 2008 and what will be done in year goes>>

Done in Year 2008

(not proud of)

  1. Cry almost everyday bcuz miss my family too much
  2. Still can't get over the reality
  3. Don't know how to smile as i usually did
  4. Play a fool during sem 1
  5. Mess up my whole room and never clean it up
  6. Never told my mom i go yamcha late at night
  7. Argue with my friend for small reason
  8. Din't put much effort in sem 2 assignment.
  9. Still don't dare to see horror movie =_=
  10. Spent lots of money! like water!
(proud of)
  1. Finally know how to cry lesser(i think)
  2. Start thinking ahead that i must study hard for my future
  3. Got guts to go see sunrise with flower? XD
  4. Collected 50sen coins about RM60
  5. Score 2.9 cgpa? lol..thats not good
  6. Cooked my fav food~
  7. Talked back with tomato again
  8. Say many times ILOVEYOU to my parents(IMs only)
  9. Starting to Click with the friends here
  10. I'm Loved XDDDDDD
Will be done in Year 2009
  • er..Study hard? Score 3.0 above? i aiming 3.5, but but..haih..
  • Help out my mom in everything(when i go back KL)
  • Keep our family close and safe always
  • Going prom night?
  • Meet up with Tomato?
  • Go Cambodia to see my dad
  • Stay friends forever for the Buddy gang
  • Go Cameron with Zhu Gou Bu Ru gang
  • Work part time to take my family to Sarawak? possible mar? in few years time gua =_=
  • Take my parents for candle light dinner on their anniversary
  • Run away from home?! XD
  • Hope that Graphic Design not so tough =X

aiyor..can't think much of what to do..when time comes then only will know what should be done. So, i think thats all? Thanks everything that everyone gave me! nomatter sweet, sour, spicy, salty, bitter...all these will be my kept in my memory forever! Thanks! ohyar...Thanks Ange for accompany me celebrate HNY. but i totally forgotten i have a date with my family on skype..gosh...anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR ! May this year be smooth and sound and alll your wishes come true. All the best in everything! chowz!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6 days ''HOLS''

Someone complain and ask me to update my blog =_=

here goes, before Christmas i was like rushing my assignment like HELL!!! Web page design, the only subject that i was so excited to learn even before the Semester starts. But now, I don't know. Tired lar~~~~ XP The web page takes about a week to finish? i moved my desktop to Florence house because i know i will do the assignment till late at night which apparently will make lots of noise that will cause Sharon can't have a good sleep. choice, MOVE OUT for a week only lar.. Ribuan thankyou Florence for letting me use her living room and the space beside her bed XD On the day to submit the Web Page was super darn tired. only had an hour nap at 8.30am. and that was when John wanted to go out buy food so i tot--why not have a nap 1st? XD Continue-ing the web page report and presentations slides was easy but yet tough? Skipping whole day class just for this. Worth it? i don't know..what i know is, I DON'T WANNA GET BAR! But after finishing the whole web page assignment, head home, pack, and KL! HERE I COME~

but going back KL wasn't really that nice for Christmas. Cuz both my sisters are going Singapore to celebrate Christmas with my cousin there. They only sponsor both of my younger sisters =_= but yet, we get to celebrate Christmas Eve together. BBQ!! i brought Christmas hat for them and we snap some photos. But they din't wear it for long cuz they say it was very stuffy and hot =_= we opened our presents on Christamas Eve because the next thing in the morning my sisters will be heading to Singapore already. So, Fun Fun Fun whole night loooong~

On Christmas Day, i think i woke up at 12 in the afternoon. Gosh, not to mention wishes to my friend. tell ya what! my phone kena virus! so terrible, i have to format my phone T.T Start wishing my friends only after noon, how pathetic is that! Nvm..but after that...i don't really remember my favourite foods, Shopping with mom , Watching Series, Iron the cloths? the best part is.................I brought a TORTOISE! its been my dream to buy one..but sadly, i CURI CURI buy one...=_= A bad kid huh? what to do?! LIFE IS TOUGH! Its super cute! my sis brought it for me, but she don't let me bring it to Kampar. because she say i will be way to busy to take care of it. Haihz....maybe after CNY lar..hahazXD

Ohyar...i missed 1 part...I went to Jusco? cuz the zhu gou bu ru gang always asked me to go out but i always can't make it. since that day my sis got things to do in skul and my mom got work to do, so..why not? meet up with shufen and mang ching in Jusco KFC. eat, Chit Chat...they say jaja will come later.. bobo din't come..don't know whether she is still angry of me =_= suddenly shu fen have a call so she went out. so me and mang ching chat chat chat...suddenly...a cake =_= i was like.. what de? Christmas Cake? nope..its Birthday cake..hahaz.. my birthday over so long adi still can celebrateXD but i'm really glad, this will be the 1st time i celebrate bday with then? cuz every year when they say wanna celebrate for me i'll make excuse that i'm not in KL, busy, tuition, in purpose lar...cuz i don't want them to waste money on me.. plus my bday all along falls on school holidays, it will be a fuss for them to celebrate for me. but yet, this year, THANKS ZHU GOU BU RU GANG! to thank them i take them to drink pao chat chat. after i pay at the casher, they pay me back pula =_= i take the money, and went to buy 5 key chains and each of us have one..all with different pose. CUTE!

The day before i left Kampar, my sisters came back,we talked a lot, many many lar...we brought a dress for mom, make her to wear and snap photo at the Christmas tree..everything was fun..but its time to go back to studies...Kampar =_______________= really have to study hard this time! i don't wanna dissapoint my dad! and mom of cuz =X Gambateh lar to everyone~! Especially Yanny, take care lar year coming! new life! 1 more year to go! GAMBATEH!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Continue my last blog.. my birthday! this is how it goes.. my friend, Florence wrote her PM happy birthday Karyn.. And after that everyone in my class also wrote that as their PM. but sadly, i din't see it because i din't online my (where i add all my classmates) Aldo so, they still wish me in school! very happy! Daniel and John Gan even wish me from afar..yelling! cuz that time is after class..i'm heading to block A and they yell from block B.. i can tell that, at the end only they remember that day was my birthday =_= but i wasn't happy enough. because someone i tot was the closest to me in Kampar, never wish me. because for the pass 2 days her mood wasn't that good because she have some problems with her bf. everytime when this happens, we won't talk. SAD! yea...i keep consoling myself that its ok that she din't wish me. no big deal. but still..i frown everytime i think of it. pathetic i should say. while taking the bus home, i can't stop thinking what will happen if i go back home? if i see sharon, is she going to wish me? sob the whole journey home. reach home, she was playing laptop. my eyes are still red so i just grab my towel and went to bath. After bathing, i just don't know...she came and talk to me.. but i cried even worst. so i went back into the toilet and change and ask whether she wanna go pasar malam with me or not? cuz...eventhought she did not wish me, all i want is to go out hang gai with her.. at least walk in pasar malam and buy some snacks to eat. but then she...i don't know. i tot that she is going to come along. when i off the light and leaving she doesn't seems following me. Then she tell me that she will meet me there. she will go with her bf and the gang. I was speechless so i just walk to Florance house to return back her umbrella and sobing really really terrible! maybe there is too many things inside of me that i wanna release all at that time.. its really painful...knowing that i'm not visible. after that we went for dinner, pasar malam..i tot coming home i will try talking to sharon. but....i got assignment to do, so i have to go.. after discussion, we head to the lake.. maybe i will feel better there..because...i really don't know what to say when i see sharon. things isn't going very well lately. Flo said wanna go yamcha when we are at the lake, so we cycle back to westlake lor.. when i pass by kar yee's house, i yell her name but no one answered. and then when i turn back to the front and continue cycling, a whole bunch of ppl yelling my name! singing birthday song. its Sharon and the gang. really surprised. din't thought that she will actually organised this for me.. and i was sad for nothing thinking that she don't even remember my birthday. in order to make the gang to celebrate with me, she have to help them out with their assignments.

telling the truth.. i haven even thank sharon. i mean..i did thank her.. but... i don't know...... we haven been talking for a week! last wednesday was my birthday. until now we haven talk about it yet. how sad is that? even meeting each otehr in school. we barely walk to each other and chat anymore. maybe its because we are busying on our own individual things? the gap between us really really widen. i don't know what to say. its been like this all along. i can't help her when she has a problem. because according to her, i'm always blurr..can't give advise. so she never tell me her problems. i really hope that things will go well.. i don't want to end up we beccoming strangers.. aldo thats what it seems now...i facing my pc.. she facing her laptop.. no talking...this is how it is.. PATHETIC

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today is My 18th BIRTHDAY!! Lots of ppl wish me in school.. very happy.. hahaz.. Burfday gurl leh! hahaz.. Syok Sendiri o.O hahahaz... kay lar.. things are very good today you might think. but nah..its not really that nice.. cuz i slept at almost 3am and woke up at 7am. really not enoough sleep. so in class wanna zzZZZ adi..-to be continue- nak tidur d..chwz!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a long long day~~~


I actually thought that we are going to practice Caroling for Christmas eve. manatau we practice to present on that day! but! its super super fun! Everyone doens't know that we're going to visit house by house to sing(i think) very very funny.. hahaz.. We started practising about 8pm.. Base keys at the left and Travel keys on the right? i'm travel key..the...high pitch thingy. Total we have 10 songs. we practise all of them and i have to hold the booklet of lyrics for Mr. Kuek who is playing the guitar(12 string guitar, cool) My hands doesn't get tired.hahaz. din't excercise enough i guess? Half way through we have a break and i can feel that my throat starts to hurt! omg! hahaz... we finally finished practising and now put our practise to actions! we leave the house at 9.30pm and our 1st destination is Mr.Kuek's house! We sing 4 songs in total..really really warmth feeling in there..cossy~ hahaz..(john say he say shadows coming into the house while we're singing. He say maybe its Jesus) We sang.....Then we drink..for those who can drink cold, they will get ribena and ice-cream on top. And for those you can't drink cold (me) will have 100 plus instead.. XD and we had biscuit wraped with color papers too! After that is photo shooting! we snap photo with Mr.Kuek's Christmas tree! ohyar..forget to mention something, we wear Santa Hat! hahaz.. nicenicenicenice! hehe^^

Next destination is restaurant near by there? i din't really look at the name of the restaurant(paiseh~)We sang 4 songs too if i'm not mistaken. the lao ban liang (boss wife) sick adi..having we sang~ they happyily clap hands together~ and we make a prayer hoping that boss wife can recover soon.. not to mention that.......actually Mr.Kuek is having flu too. Pity him T.T Next destination will be Ms. Julia's house! waliao a! her house super super nice~ cossy~ nice decorations~ garden prefect!We get to know that Ms. Julia's parents are also lecturers-english language 1 leh! We sang 4 songs too..we all sang together~ hahaz..very fun! after singing then we eat! makan tit-pits! every stop sure got thing to drink and makan de~~yumyum~ While eating we chit chat..making jokes and all sort of things lar.. Take a photo before we leave to our next's friend's house? which was also the last stop.. there are foour ppl in there.. 2 of them are staff in Utar. We sang 4 songs too. this time we cherish the moment together because it was the last house we'll be visiting. So we sang with all our hearts together. After that, fruits and drinks and chocolate! yumyum~After we ate then we took photo again. This time i'm behind. i reaceive a msg. A birthday wish from tomato~ hahaz..i was like...happy? hehe^^ replying my msg...then my sister called! they sang me birthday song in 3 language- eng, malay and mandarin.. i really cry until don't know what to say.. cuz really touched. Before this i went back KL and already celebrated my birthday earlier. so i thought that they won't wish me again on my exact birthday. But they did! and i was like..huhuhuhuhuhu~~~!!! hahaz...After my conversation with them, sudddenly Calvin call me back into the house because there is another song to sing requested don't know by who i sweep of my tears and walk in lor.(cuz i have to hold the paper for Mr.Kuek) ok..1 2 3! We wish you a HAPPY B IRTHDAY! We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and.....a MERRY CHRISTMAS! X2

i was like..har?! hahahaz...really really hmm...touched also? cuzwhole bunch of people wishing me Happy Birthday in a Christmas tune. After the singing, everyone of them shake hands with me. Starting with Mr.Kuek, then don't know who who...almost everyone shake with me lor..really touched! let me count how many ppl..15? i think Mr.Kuek i think 16 adi ba...hahaz...overall! THANKS LOR!!!! i really happy XDDDDDD

After that we dismissed and i ask Mr.Kuek to send me to Maha Maju. Cuz my friends was waiting for me since 10 plus? gosh..really felt sory to them..they haven't ate their dinner and was planning to wait for me together yamcha eat de(but they cannot tahan adi so they eat 1st, hahaz)Michelle and john join me are Florance, Ange, John, Michelle, Penny, Shu Fen and Kar yee! Kar yee and Jamie kongsi buy me a present. its a bottle with wishes inside, they write wishes on the star paper and fold it and put it in to the bottle. Thanks ya! after that is cake time! Calvin they all were also in the same mamak. so when why friends start singing happy birthday song, they too sing~ XD like whole mamak is mine! hahazXD(sot adi) I made 3 wishes i blow the candles lor. then they ask me to use my mouth to take the candles out. but they din't push me against the cake lor...cuz the cake so nice,they said. =_= Snap photos and we start eating the cake. I gave some cake to Calvin they all also, as a word of thank you! after that we snap some photos and we went 7-eleven to lepak for a while and i brought sour mentos? for my classmates to eat tomorrow, as belanja makan bcuz its my bday friends actually went into 7-e to buy present for me. but of cuz i don't want lar..they buy cake already expensive lor..a wish from a friend is more than enoughXD after that, kar yee cycle me home, florance cycle ange, and john cycle michelle. ohyar! penny went home after the cake. cuz its was pretty late that time(class is at 8am the next day) when we reach westlake, we send each other back home, and i lazy to type adi,,type so long very tired liao. when reach home i gave a piece of cake to sharon and online. bath, tye blog, sharon off light want sleep i guess i better finish up and go to bed too.. So! Thankyou everyone! aldo my parents haven't wish me yet, but i wanna say, THANKS MOM AND DAD! BECAUSE OF BOTH YOU GUYS, ONLY I CAN BE STANDING HERE! thanks! love you guys! love everyone! I"M 18YEARS OLD ADI! ARGH!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF, AND TO MY BEST FRIEND WHO HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS MINE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CHOWZ! zzzZZZZZ

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well well, i still remember i have a blog this time. hahaz XD i just came home from ipoh today. My family went to my grandparents house to visit them. Actually i don't plan to go ipoh this weekend because i havent finish my assignments yet. But yet, i still went because i miss my family too much! but things doesn't go well between me and my mom. Don't know why, i just can't find back the bond between us anymore. Will get pissed off even by a lil disagreement she made against me. haih! I wish we will get better next time we meet, hopefully. but i still prefer my dad more..^^

Okay. something i found out lately..WHY THE HECK IS EVERYONE CONFESSING??!! it mating season? har har??! gosh.. BGR(boy and girl relationship) really is everywhere now. i mean, its always here. but now it started to bloom! Sharon have bf, Calvin have a crush, Yanny confessing, Fly break up with bf, even Tomato have bf! many many lovey dovey things.. OMG! but hey, one thing i can tell is.. i don't quite like flower anymore. hahazXD maybe because i know where is my exact position. So i plan to work out till i go home for christmas! You know why? Cuz i bet with my sis to see who is lighter! hahahahhaz... but i don't think it will work? cuz i LIKE TO EAT!! say wanna work out, now eating nasi itik pula..hahaz!

I guess now i wanna concentrate and get better grades this time(also because my sis bet with me, say i sure get lesser than 2.9 this time)XD but now i think i wanna lace on the bed and sleep 1st. cuz i haven do my marketing SWOT. management PLOC, sociology PERSPECTIVE, web page DESIGN..gosh..betetr sleep 1st..hahahz...chowz!

p/s: To those lovey dovey.. Gambateh! Fight for your love! Hidup Bahagia tau tak?!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

mix mix

again..i forgotten i have a blog..aiks...i try to make it a habit to write down everything special that happens but turn out everytime either i'm too excited or too pathetic , so i forgotten to blog it. hahaz. life has been quite well lately. I used to feel that i don't have any friends here at Kampar (every since things doesn't go well between the 1597 and 1497 gang) but this semester, this kindna work out? i try to be more open(like how i used to be during secondary) and i do make some close connections with my coursemate. Its a good thing i guess? but the thing that i worry the most is...tomato? well, i really don't know how to say this and i guess i should just leave it the way it is. who am i to control what is going to happen? i read Calvins's blog. and found out that he is being emo for some reason. it kindna reflect the me during the 1st semester, miss my family too much, no one cares a bout me, stress about exams.. haih~ actually i suppose to bring Sharon to church last sunday. but end up we going to my granparents house at Ipoh. Sorry calvin! i promise, next week. (or maybe the week after) haih~ money is a problem now. spending money on food is really really costly. i thought of buying some vitamins so that i can stay healthy during exams, more energetic? haih~ but i used those money to MAKAN! eat eat eat~ haih~ crazy adi..haih~ nowadays everyone also not a good mood. wanna help out, but don't know how. i guess when things comes you just have to face it as it is. Everyone, good luck! always remember, your love ones will always be there supporting you.