Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Back!!!

LOL! XD been disappearing from internet world this pass week. more like 2 weeks. preparing for 童心园 生活营 for like 2 weeks? everyday morning 8am till night earliest also 9pm only can go home T.T many preparation, dancing, singing, punishments, eating, working...... wow.. totally tired but now after this event is successful held, felt so proud, miss it so much~ want to continue... don't want to stop ler~~ XD

well, so many thins happen during the camp.. don't know where to start. but i can tell, there will never be an end~ ^^ hope that our 童心园 keep in touch always lo!!!! kekekeke...

ohyar.. my result, totally the worst result ever =.= drop 0.6!!!!!! how terrible!! aiks aiks aiks....

group photo before leaving Paroi XD

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

felt so useless so helpless =.=

I will NEVER be THIS STUPID again!!!


btw, nice to be hurt~ if not life so sienz XP

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Say hi to boredom

Friday, May 14, 2010

Genting~ total excitement!!!

hahahha went to genting with PL, Mj, YN, JW and NZ

LOL! summaries what happen in genting la

-Klsentral bus to genting
- lunch marrybrown
-can't find bus ticket to go back
-rainstop. PLAY!
-extreme games. WALIAO A!!!
-rain =.=
-indoor game
-back home rest
-indoor games!! keep on repeating the same game
-check out movie time
-back home to wash up
-sleep , din't make it for the movies
-morning go jalan jalan
-cari ticket to go home again
-BYEBYE genting~
-cable car
-seach for bus terminal
-bla bla bla...
-HSH home sweet home~

hahahahahhaz~ totally fun~ wakakaka.. but tired le.. keke.. hey girls, nice to meet ya all!!! lets hang out some other time =) and thanks mj's sis for booking the hotel and theme park tickets. keke... thanks tourguide mj too :p

food post? XD

KLDW! lol.. haha went to kldw with florence on wednesday.. while we are enjoying ourself looking at those beautiful art work.. waliao.. there are so many noise.. noise of people flooding in.. there are students from the one academy.. i think...=.= i don't know leh @.@ hahahahaz so this trip to national art gallery is kindna noisy.. can't really enjoy =X hahaz

so after visiting all the stuff in national art gallery, we go to midvalley!! ohoho~ actually tot of watching movie but too late adi.. so florence took me to a place call oasis foodcourt in midvalley. there is a stall call portuguese girl.. this stall they have seafood with rice.. ahh.. how to say leh.. many choices of fish.. you can have combination of 2 dseafoods.. then they have this fantastic delicious waliao A punya sambal.. not sambal i guess.. its the sauce la.. totally recommend to those who wants HOT AND SPICY excitement XD the fishes are put into aluminium foils and cook? er.. if you go there you ownself see la XD it cost RM7.90.. really will pump up your spiciness lol!! here are some pictures XD

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sienz dao pao =.=

Study Advertising Design until sienz.. ate maggi, see many MV, read many blogs, look at many photos, my whole computer also let me look through until nothing to look liao.. take a pen.. conteng!!!! of cuz i conteng with reference de la.. don't know from which manga. modified and become like this =.= totally my mood now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

from Smaile XD

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I can breath again ^^

Finally i realise that i can breath again~ no more struggling. no more heart pain. no more jealousy. no more authorization about who you belong to. I'm glad that i move on!! wahahaha can chat normally, not getting upset of small little details.. woohoo~ You're always be an important person to me but i guess i finally choose not to care so much about materialistic but the kindness we both have instead. I don't care who you belong to. Don't care if i still belong to you. I AM MYSELF and YOU ARE YOURSELF. we are different although we are the same =)